Review: Why Modern Family?


I recently finished watching all 4 seasons of Modern Family. And is patiently waiting for the next season. It is one of my favourite American dramas, and here’s why:



Each persona has a very special characteristic.

Phil Dunphy(Ty Burrell) is a dad who always makes the wrong points, fun, and is always having trouble impressing his father-in-law. I find this character a little annoying. Claire Dunphy(Julie Bowen) is quite hot-tempered and very rash. Haley Dunphy(Sarah Hyland) is a bimbo, that’s why she’s funny. Alex Dunphy(Ariel Winter) is smart, but it is quite funny to watch someone who is like a perfectionist, and is socially struggling get through the series.Luke Dunphy(Nolan Gould) was an innocent kid; throughout the series we can see him grow, the change makes the character pretty funny; he is the dumb kid.

Jay Pritchett(Ed O’Niel) is the tough guy and is super stubborn, another character that I find annoying. At least this character adds humor. Gloria Delgado(Sophia Vegara) is in my opinion, the funniest character. She has a very strong Colombian accent, which makes her pronunciation funny. She is also slightly tempered, I think that’s her heritage, according to the show. Manny Delgado(Rico Rodriguez) has an old soul, but kind of a hopeless romantic. Another annoying character because he wants things.

Mitchell Pritchett(Jesse Tyler Ferguson) is also hot-tempered acts like a know-it-all, super happy when he is right, making him funny. Cameron Tucker(Eric Stonestreet) is super dramatic, and sometimes makes things worse. I find this character very funny and very annoying at the same time. I was actually surprised that in real life, this actor is a straight man, and not a gay like in the show. Lily Tucker-Pritchett(Aubrey Anderson-Emmons) is funny, simply because she is toddler. They are cute, you know.

Interesting Storyline
I must say, the show is very well written. It is the type of show that is never boring, and I seriously don’t mind watching it over and over again.

This is also the kind of show that, if you miss an episode, you still can catch up (Valid till season 2). Season 3 onwards, some episodes are connected to one another, or one episode’s events are mentioned in another. Now they are adding new characters, like Joe Pritchett, Stella the dog and Larry the cat. I wish the series will focus more on these characters.

Guest Stars
The guest stars add a lot of humor in the series. It is also very frequent that they have guest stars coming into the show. They need not necessarily be very famous, as long as they are funny, I’m good.





My hair is shaped like a mushroom. My hair grow outwards, only my fringe looks normal. Basically, my hair is shaped like a mushroom. My hair is long, and school reopens tomorrow. So, my mum and I went to a shopping mall in the morning to have brunch, and have a haircut there.

The barber shop makes customers feel a bit, awkward. Well, we get to queue seated, but the seats are very small and are attached together. There are numbers on top of each seat, so we have no choice on where we are seated. There was a few people there. And we sat incredibly close to each other, no space in between…

In the afternoon, I did Additional-Mathematics practices. My mum ALWAYS thinks I am never prepared for school. I really hurts sometimes, because I put in a alot of effort in everything I do. My mum just fails to notice that. She is a very loving mother anyway.

In the evening, we went to the same area we went in the morning, but in a different shopping mall. It was new, that’s why it was extremely crowded. Dinner was average for me, nothing special. But after an adventure around the mall, we came across this food shop known as ‘Ya Kun Kaya Toast’. They were selling this very delicious dish called ‘Toast Sticks’. I recommend you guys try it.


And bow it’s night time. I am still studying and tomorrow is when school reopens from a holiday. I hope tomorrow doesn’t go to shit.


SimDay 1.5- The Proposal


It is still Sunday, in the afternoon. Apparently, when the Sims left for university, time stopped in Isla Paradiso.


When they left university, the household was hungry, so Telena, as usual, started cooking a meal for them. She now has a level 4 cooking skill, so she baked a pumpkin pie for them.

The dining area is actually outdoors. It’s quite relaxing to eat there with the sea breeze blowing across their faces. Suddenly, Jason suggested that they go back to university, to finish their studies and graduate fast, since time stops in Isla Paradiso when they are away. You see, their progress from getting a PDA is 3-quarters away. They were fine with it, but Chase requested they they call for enrollment at night.

Telena always wanted to be a fairy, ever since she was very young. Since she had some time, she decided to go to the Alchemy store to train her Alchemy skill. She wanted to learn how to make the potion that will turn her to a fairy.

Who knew? Chase requested for a later enrollment because he wanted to propose to Telena. He have some guitar skills, level 3. He can’t serenade to her, but he can do something like that. Well, she is currently outside at the alchemy store. So, Chase took a cab to her.

Meantime, Jason signed up for an online dating account. It makes sense; he’s lifetime wish is to be boyfriends of 10 Sims.

At the alchemy store, Telena discovered some elixirs, but none of them could turn her into a fairy. She won’t give up easily! Out of the blue, she heard some sounds of a guitar. It’s wasn’t perfect, but she was curious about who would play the guitar here. There are only the store owner, and probably one or two other customers and herself in the store. After finishing one interaction of alchemy research, she went to see who was. There, was Chase.

Chase stopped playing the guitar, and walked towards Telena. Few romantic interactions later, Telena felt extremely irresistible towards Chase. Then, Chase was on his knees, out came the ring. He asked Telena if she would marry him. She said yes.


It’s night time, everyone is back home. Jocelyn called the university to enroll everyone into university. To graduate, they have to complete 48 CCs. They need 36 more. The only option is to enroll for 2 weeks, with a very packed schedule. Sigh.


Leaving Malaysia


Today is the day I head home, I get to spend the whole morning and half of the afternoon here, before going home.

I have to say, the beds in KSL City Hotel is quite comfortable, I just don’t like that flat pillows. We are going down to the dining area for an international breakfast buffet. I came here before, that time the food was delicious.

Here are some foods I ate there today:


Chicken Rendang with Nasi Lemak


Glutinous Rice and fried noodles


Roti Prata

After that, we went back to our hotel room for a rest. At about 11am, we checked out of our hotel room, and took a cab to City Square Mall, which is connected to the immigration.

My mum went to another shopping trip there while my dad and I waited at McDonald’s.

At 1pm, my mum was done, and we went to look for a place to have our lunch. There was really nothing much, but when we went to the rooftop, we found a restaurant called ‘Tea Garden’. I ordered the herbal chicken


Yes, Herbal Chicken and Paper Chicken is the same thing.

It took some time to reach home. Then, my father told me that we had to attend family day…

We only had a half an hour rest before we left home again. I don’t like going because I have to dress like a man going on a date. -_-” I originally had plans to do some work at home.

The venue was a very famous park/garden. When we reached there, the main attraction was the stage. It was a free concert. Most of the time, we just listened to the music by some local talents.

All in all, I do recommend all you guys to try out KSL’s international buffet. It is complementry if you stay with them!

SimDay(University) 2-7 : University


Basically, it was just classes after classes, and really nothing much to do. I’ll just summarise the whole week of college:


Firstly, Chase and Telena are currently boyfriend and girlfriend. Chase did a couple of romantic interactions with Telena, like kissing, hugging etc. When Telena found Chase super irresistible, Chase asked Telena to go steady, and she said Yes!!

Jason also found his significant other. If you guys read my Current Household page in this blog, you’ll know that Jason has the flirty trait. Not only that, he recently purchased the irresistible lifetime reward. Most of the girls in his dorm were attracted to him, but it was very difficult to reach a high level of romance with any of them except for Jocelyn Applegate. Therefore now they are now going steady.

Secondly, going to college is a very easy way if earning Simoleons (The currency in The Sims). All of them had reached almost maximum of their progress in class, so just applying for funds, each of my Sims will earn 5000 Simoleons each(Total 20,000 Simoleons).

Thirdly, about the classes, each Sim have a different schedule. Chase’s and Telena’s schedule identical; Jason’s and Jocelyn’s are identical. I prefer the lecture classes, and practical classes as I can still manage what they are doing.



Rabbithole classes are really boring, but it is a good way to waste time. Just put game in speed 3.

Lastly, final exams were a breeze.
All of them passed with flying colours.

I have to say, I was really happy that they finished the week of college, and then they can head back home and enjoy their lives.

I don’t really like university. I must say, the view of Sims University at night is beautiful


In Johor Bahru,Malaysia


Well, I am here in Johor Bahru, Malaysia with my family, for a short holiday. Had to wake up at 9am and take a public bus there. Actually, We just came here last week, my mum just decided to come here to try to use means of public transport to get to places.

On the bus here, managed to watch 1.5 episodes of The Walking Dead, Season 1. I actually finished watching all 3 seasons, I just decided to watch again for fun.

When we reached, we took a cab to some place I don’t know where, to eat Bah Kut Teh(unsure of spelling), which in English is called Pork Ribs Soup/Tea. I heard my dad told the cab driver that we wanted to eat at a the shop called ‘Ah Soon’, which sells the food. Ah Soon is very famous in Johor Bahru, tell any Cab driver you want to go to Ah Soon, he will take you there. But then we arrived at another Bah Kut Teh shop. Probably, this cab driver is the only one who doesn’t know.

This shop we went to is somewhere beside ‘Bamboo Paper Chicken’ restaurant, along the road.


After the meal, we took another cab to the hotel we are staying called ‘KSL City’. We took the deluxe room. They had bolsters provided on the beds!!

At around 1pm, we took a cab to a shopping mall called ‘Pelengi’. My dad AMD I went to eat some McDonald’s while my mum went to megastore ‘Metrojaya’ to do some shopping.

It’s 3.30pm, my mum decided to go eat at Bamboo Paper Chicken Restaurant, somewhere in an area called ‘Sentosa’ (In Malaysia, not Singapore). She said that this will be dinner. It’s too early.


Above is their famous Emperor Paper Chicken. Below is the Hotplate Otah, one dish I really recommend.


After the meal, we headed back to the hotel to rest for a while, before going for another shopping trip. I have not mentioned this before: KSL City is actually a shopping mall as well, so that’s where we were shopping at.

We ate some sushi and returned to the hotel. I’ll be staying here for just one night and then hear home tomorrow in the late afternoon.

SimDay 1 : Freshmen


Today, Chase Nirva, Telena Sky, Jason Skiller and Jocelyn Applegate just moved into Isla Paradiso. With 4 Sims, we have enough money to buy a large houseboat, with a curved bow. Did some building, it looks a little ugly, but I will try to rebuild to later on.


Suddenly, the university mascot came and visit the household, and left a goodie bag. This reminded the Sims that they wanted to enroll into university. So Chase used his smartphone and enrolled all the Sims into university. Chase enrolled into Technology, Telena in Fine Arts, Jason in science and Jocelyn in media.

We selected the dormitory nearer to the school’s main building. And well, they are dormmates with a plant sim. Jocelyn started to break the ice, and started to talk to him.


Each room only had 2 beds each. Jason raced to the rooms and selected the beds.


Telena liked cooking, so she trained her cooking skill by making a meal.


Soon, all the Sims were called for orientation. There is really nothing to do in orientation, so they just took the goodie bag and left. Only Jason stayed in building, because he saw the science machine, and tried to use it, and spent the whole day there, relying on the facilities there

Back at the dorms, Chase started to get romantic with Telena. One thing led to another… Maybe it is because Chase has the Great kisser trait, He initiated his first kiss on Telena, and they became romantic interests.

At the end of the day, everyone went back to the dorms. Telena cooked a meal for the whole dorm. Tomorrow will be a whole day of classes….sigh…


I also noticed when Sims are idle. They keep running to play the computer, go play table tennis at night, outside.



Hey guys,
So I have just started this blog today. Today was kind if a normal day. Just played a 2 hours of Sims, went for tuition, went home and study….

Tomorrow I’ll be going on a short holiday. Hope it will be fun…

Lol, blogging about my life is kind of hard!! I have like nothing to say… BYE!!