In Johor Bahru,Malaysia


Well, I am here in Johor Bahru, Malaysia with my family, for a short holiday. Had to wake up at 9am and take a public bus there. Actually, We just came here last week, my mum just decided to come here to try to use means of public transport to get to places.

On the bus here, managed to watch 1.5 episodes of The Walking Dead, Season 1. I actually finished watching all 3 seasons, I just decided to watch again for fun.

When we reached, we took a cab to some place I don’t know where, to eat Bah Kut Teh(unsure of spelling), which in English is called Pork Ribs Soup/Tea. I heard my dad told the cab driver that we wanted to eat at a the shop called ‘Ah Soon’, which sells the food. Ah Soon is very famous in Johor Bahru, tell any Cab driver you want to go to Ah Soon, he will take you there. But then we arrived at another Bah Kut Teh shop. Probably, this cab driver is the only one who doesn’t know.

This shop we went to is somewhere beside ‘Bamboo Paper Chicken’ restaurant, along the road.


After the meal, we took another cab to the hotel we are staying called ‘KSL City’. We took the deluxe room. They had bolsters provided on the beds!!

At around 1pm, we took a cab to a shopping mall called ‘Pelengi’. My dad AMD I went to eat some McDonald’s while my mum went to megastore ‘Metrojaya’ to do some shopping.

It’s 3.30pm, my mum decided to go eat at Bamboo Paper Chicken Restaurant, somewhere in an area called ‘Sentosa’ (In Malaysia, not Singapore). She said that this will be dinner. It’s too early.


Above is their famous Emperor Paper Chicken. Below is the Hotplate Otah, one dish I really recommend.


After the meal, we headed back to the hotel to rest for a while, before going for another shopping trip. I have not mentioned this before: KSL City is actually a shopping mall as well, so that’s where we were shopping at.

We ate some sushi and returned to the hotel. I’ll be staying here for just one night and then hear home tomorrow in the late afternoon.


2 thoughts on “In Johor Bahru,Malaysia

  1. That food looks absolutely delicious! It seems like you needed the nourishment for all the shopping that you did too. Hope you enjoy the family visit, and keep up the great pictures!

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