SimDay 1 : Freshmen


Today, Chase Nirva, Telena Sky, Jason Skiller and Jocelyn Applegate just moved into Isla Paradiso. With 4 Sims, we have enough money to buy a large houseboat, with a curved bow. Did some building, it looks a little ugly, but I will try to rebuild to later on.


Suddenly, the university mascot came and visit the household, and left a goodie bag. This reminded the Sims that they wanted to enroll into university. So Chase used his smartphone and enrolled all the Sims into university. Chase enrolled into Technology, Telena in Fine Arts, Jason in science and Jocelyn in media.

We selected the dormitory nearer to the school’s main building. And well, they are dormmates with a plant sim. Jocelyn started to break the ice, and started to talk to him.


Each room only had 2 beds each. Jason raced to the rooms and selected the beds.


Telena liked cooking, so she trained her cooking skill by making a meal.


Soon, all the Sims were called for orientation. There is really nothing to do in orientation, so they just took the goodie bag and left. Only Jason stayed in building, because he saw the science machine, and tried to use it, and spent the whole day there, relying on the facilities there

Back at the dorms, Chase started to get romantic with Telena. One thing led to another… Maybe it is because Chase has the Great kisser trait, He initiated his first kiss on Telena, and they became romantic interests.

At the end of the day, everyone went back to the dorms. Telena cooked a meal for the whole dorm. Tomorrow will be a whole day of classes….sigh…


I also noticed when Sims are idle. They keep running to play the computer, go play table tennis at night, outside.


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