Leaving Malaysia


Today is the day I head home, I get to spend the whole morning and half of the afternoon here, before going home.

I have to say, the beds in KSL City Hotel is quite comfortable, I just don’t like that flat pillows. We are going down to the dining area for an international breakfast buffet. I came here before, that time the food was delicious.

Here are some foods I ate there today:


Chicken Rendang with Nasi Lemak


Glutinous Rice and fried noodles


Roti Prata

After that, we went back to our hotel room for a rest. At about 11am, we checked out of our hotel room, and took a cab to City Square Mall, which is connected to the immigration.

My mum went to another shopping trip there while my dad and I waited at McDonald’s.

At 1pm, my mum was done, and we went to look for a place to have our lunch. There was really nothing much, but when we went to the rooftop, we found a restaurant called ‘Tea Garden’. I ordered the herbal chicken


Yes, Herbal Chicken and Paper Chicken is the same thing.

It took some time to reach home. Then, my father told me that we had to attend family day…

We only had a half an hour rest before we left home again. I don’t like going because I have to dress like a man going on a date. -_-” I originally had plans to do some work at home.

The venue was a very famous park/garden. When we reached there, the main attraction was the stage. It was a free concert. Most of the time, we just listened to the music by some local talents.

All in all, I do recommend all you guys to try out KSL’s international buffet. It is complementry if you stay with them!


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