SimDay(University) 2-7 : University


Basically, it was just classes after classes, and really nothing much to do. I’ll just summarise the whole week of college:


Firstly, Chase and Telena are currently boyfriend and girlfriend. Chase did a couple of romantic interactions with Telena, like kissing, hugging etc. When Telena found Chase super irresistible, Chase asked Telena to go steady, and she said Yes!!

Jason also found his significant other. If you guys read my Current Household page in this blog, you’ll know that Jason has the flirty trait. Not only that, he recently purchased the irresistible lifetime reward. Most of the girls in his dorm were attracted to him, but it was very difficult to reach a high level of romance with any of them except for Jocelyn Applegate. Therefore now they are now going steady.

Secondly, going to college is a very easy way if earning Simoleons (The currency in The Sims). All of them had reached almost maximum of their progress in class, so just applying for funds, each of my Sims will earn 5000 Simoleons each(Total 20,000 Simoleons).

Thirdly, about the classes, each Sim have a different schedule. Chase’s and Telena’s schedule identical; Jason’s and Jocelyn’s are identical. I prefer the lecture classes, and practical classes as I can still manage what they are doing.



Rabbithole classes are really boring, but it is a good way to waste time. Just put game in speed 3.

Lastly, final exams were a breeze.
All of them passed with flying colours.

I have to say, I was really happy that they finished the week of college, and then they can head back home and enjoy their lives.

I don’t really like university. I must say, the view of Sims University at night is beautiful



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