My hair is shaped like a mushroom. My hair grow outwards, only my fringe looks normal. Basically, my hair is shaped like a mushroom. My hair is long, and school reopens tomorrow. So, my mum and I went to a shopping mall in the morning to have brunch, and have a haircut there.

The barber shop makes customers feel a bit, awkward. Well, we get to queue seated, but the seats are very small and are attached together. There are numbers on top of each seat, so we have no choice on where we are seated. There was a few people there. And we sat incredibly close to each other, no space in between…

In the afternoon, I did Additional-Mathematics practices. My mum ALWAYS thinks I am never prepared for school. I really hurts sometimes, because I put in a alot of effort in everything I do. My mum just fails to notice that. She is a very loving mother anyway.

In the evening, we went to the same area we went in the morning, but in a different shopping mall. It was new, that’s why it was extremely crowded. Dinner was average for me, nothing special. But after an adventure around the mall, we came across this food shop known as ‘Ya Kun Kaya Toast’. They were selling this very delicious dish called ‘Toast Sticks’. I recommend you guys try it.


And bow it’s night time. I am still studying and tomorrow is when school reopens from a holiday. I hope tomorrow doesn’t go to shit.



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