Finally Freedom!


Actually, not really. I just have more time to catch up with my work.

There is just too much homework. I have to submit my Additional Mathematics Ten Year Series for checking on Friday. It’s Wednesday now. I have three chapters left, so, good for me. Actually, I don’t know if I’m don for checking, I’m just assuming he will.

Now it’s getting to a point where I have nothing to write about. So, this is the best I can make of this post.

*** The rewrite of the prologue is almost done. Probably upload it tomorrow. I don’t think it will show that it is being updated, so always check the description.

*** Finally found all the missing episodes of modern family to watch.


Buried in Homework!


Alright, let’s start with something that happen in the morning. I’m secondary 4 in the first class, which I have to sit behind secondary 1 students.

There is one particular malay boy that is very special among the secondary ones. His hair is like mine, but longer, and he sweats very badly. You can see sweat just hanging onto the edge of his hair. It drips. One girl wad very disgusted with that.

I had a chemistry revision test today. It was horrible. I’m gonna swear that I’ll fail this test. It was too difficult.

And now back to the title. I may bot sleep tonight. There is three worksheets of math, one chemistry paper and some combined humanities essay.

I’ll just do the homework now…

***Decided to rewrite the prologue. Check for update soon!

***Question: What should I post if the day is super boring for xElfStorm Daily?

Die Laughing


Oh my goodness!Finally done with SPA exam and finally today we get to move back to our original positions! So, I just sat with the same three boys: one my good friend and the other two just normal friends.

Today I almost died laughing because they are so funny. No, actually they are not funny. They were too lame and I was laughing at that, really hard. They both scolded each other for being lame and stuff. The laughter hurt my cheeks and stomach.

It started with one super lame joke. And it was very funny because, well, it was horrible. Then everything after that became funny.

Ahh, I love where I sit…

Visit to the Gardens


I had my teeth clean and polished this morning. It was an eye opener for me, I’ve always thought they used electricity to scrap the food in my mouth. It’s water.

After tuition, we went to Gardens by the Bay. We had free tickets, so we had to use them up.

There were two places for visit which require payment( we got them for free): the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. Here’s some pictures:


You can see a rainbow!


Model Train


Looking Outside


Looking Down


Looking down from the WaterFall


Some crystals on Display


Their Mini Desert


Some funny-looking Plant

That’s what is inside the paid areas. After that, we took a 10 minutes walk to Satay by the Bay, a public dining area which sells local street hawker delicacies.


Satay by the Bay, from outside

They sell Satay(Obviously)- A barbequed meat skewer, Barbeque Stingray(My favourite food :-D)- barbequed with spicy Sambal, some Turkish food and Japanese food. They are expensive! These are what we’ve bought:


I had a while BBQ Stingray to myself!

Finally done! Now I have to go home and study the soul out of me for tomorrow’s Physics SPA exam! And finish up my homework. Sigh

***I’m done with Chapter 3! Read The Evabond Chronicles, Apocalypse here

Naughty Dog.


Create a short story, piece of memoir, or epic poem that is 26 sentences long, in which the first sentence begins with “A” and each sentence thereafter begins with the next letter of the alphabet.

As time goes by, it was 8pm.
Ben was sitting by the river.
Catching fishes is what he was doing.

Dog, his cat, came over and looked in his bucket.
Enormous fishes is all he sees.
Fishes that looked ever so delicious.
Grinding its teeth.
Hungry as a wolf.
It took one of the fishes and ran off.

Jack was walking by..
Kicking a stone as he sees Dog.
Licking that enormous fish.
Meat looking so fresh.
“No way, it must be Ben’s!” he said.
Opening his mouth he tried to call Ben.
Pouncing off was Dog.

Questioning Jack for why he called.
Raising his hand to get his attention.
Surprised to see Jack here.
Talking to Jack.
Understood what he said, he ran to chase Dog.

Venturing around the town he must.
While he ran, Dog was already at home.
Xena welcomed Dog home.
Yet, Ben was home and said that he lost Dog.

Zealous to see Dog sleeping at home.

***This was meant for the Daily Prompt. Hope y’all enjoyed. Realised that the English of this post was horrible.

Washing My Flip-flops


As y’all know, my dad likes stacking his shoes on top of my white (or should I say black)and shy blue flip-flops, which I wear daily.

So when it was really really black, which was today. I decided to wash it.

Immediately when I came home from brunch, I took my flip-flops to my bathroom to wash.

I used my mum’s toilet-scrubbing brush (which has a lot of hair stuck between the bristles) and Dettol( Body Wash Soap Solution).

It was fun. I clogged the sink so that I could just soak the shoes in water. I saw many black particles. Then, when it comes to scrubbing, the foam was grey and there were spots on it on my shirt.

Anyway, at least it was super effective.


White Flip-flops

The rest of the day was no fun. Did too much physics and chemistry.

Tomorrow would be more relaxing, and then the night would be spam studying.

I have to go to Gardens by the Bay because we have free tickets and are about to expire and also have to go to the dentist to get my teeth clean. Then the studying is because I have Physics SPA Exam on Monday.

***Almost done with Chapter 3, probably upload it tomorrow since I’ll be so free.

My Bad Habit


Ok, I have this very bad habit that would affect me socially. It is rolling my eyes.

I roll my eyes when people piss me off ( who won’t). But I would also roll my eyes when I don’t agree with something someone says, even if he or she is right. It’s my natural reaction, that’s the bad part.

I discovered this habbit of mine just today. One of my classmates, which is actually one of the guys that thinks the rebelling is cool was telling me that tracing over pencil lines with pen ink, and then erasing the pencil lines is ugly. Hr also dared me to try. So I rolled my eyes, naturally. He announced to the group that I was angry.

So, I’m sorry to anyone whom I rolled my eyes in front of.

*** I felt like drawing all of a sudden, maybe for the Evabond Chronicles?

Chemistry Day


Today is the day I think that I’ve done the most chemistry in one day.

The first one hour of the day was indeed my Chemistry SPA exam, whereby I have to design an experiment to test for ease of thermal decomposition. I thought I did well.

Then, after the exam is my chemistry lesson for one period. My teacher is going through some exam papers. I thought that I was going to get in trouble because I did not finish my homework. But she did not catch me.

Then after school was extra chemistry lesson. Another 1.5 hours of chemistry.

It was really tedious because, well, it’s chemistry for about 3 hours.

Tomorrow is picture day when we have to take class and group photos. Not really important I guess. Hope I get to skip maths.

The Good/Bad Mood


Hey, just created a Facebook page for the book. Please like!

This is the official Facebook page for the blog:

Anyway, I find that today was the most slacked day for me. I had some citizenship education lesson or something like that, which requires me to write a reflection. Then chemistry lesson was just the going through of theory for tomorrow’s SPA exam( wish me luck!!!). Then today I saw something rare: my math teacher is in a good mood and is super nice today.

Also one more thing is my sitting arrangement, which made me unhappy. Originally, I’m sitting all the way in front. Now, I’m all the way at the back. I better sit in front on Monday when I get back my seat.


Wish me luck!

My Dad’s a Child


Dad's shoe stacked on mine

See that picture. My dad’s work shoe is stacked on top of my white and blue flip-flops. Well, because my dad is super lazy.

My dad is so lazy that he cannot type in the address bar and has to close and reopen the internet explorer to go to Yahoo!.

My dad also likes to hold grudges with me. Just this one time, I chose to walk the long way to a food shop to buy lunch. Another day, he forced me to take his short cut and scolded me to when I said that there is nothing wrong with the long way.

My dad’s also very very fussy. When I found a table in a crowded hawkers centre, he refuse to sit there and had to find another table because it’s too dirty, too cold, too hot… Bla.

Ok, let’s stop talking about this. Today I had my Chinese ‘O’ level Listening Comprehension exam. Luckily, it was easy. Just one question that killed a lot of my brain cells.

One more thing. I’ve finished Chapter 2 of The Evabond Chronicles, Apocalypse. Yup, finally and successfully uploaded it. You can read it here.