It’s the second day of school. My bag was super heavy. Today’s lesson required me to bring a lot of thick books. Luckily there was my dad to send me to school.

My first lesson was very boring. The moment the teacher gave us a break, almost everybody went to sleep, including me. I woke up 5 minutes later, and then the rest of the day in school was full of confusion.

I couldn’t understand maths lesson. It’s was about more confusing geometry. At least I still have tuition to help me understand. Then there was physics. It was the practical part that was confusing. It was some new type of question that we students have to write a procedure and plan for an experiment. Chemistry was just as difficult to grasp. I just need to read more of my notes. It’s fine.

At the last period, our school principal gave a very long presentation, something she does every term when school reopens.

Well, I have tuition later in the day, at 3.30pm. School ends at 2.20. From 2.20 to 3.30, I had nothing to do. I just have to walk around the mall to waste that time.

At tuition, I told my tuition teacher that I have not eaten since 6am. He kind of freaked out. He told me it is possible to get gastric pains. But I really don’t feel hungry. Anyway I had dinner immediately after that. So…

It’s 7.48pm, I’m blogging while watching this nonsensical Korean drama which is super draggy and I want to know the ending. I have to study later. Tomorrow better be better!


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