Today was the exam, the ‘O’ level Chinese oral exam. And I am kind of the first person to take it in my school.

It took place in the afternoon, in air-condition, so it was peaceful. The process was that I had to go to the time-keeper, and he had to time me for a few minutes to prepare, then go and face the examiners.

The time-keeper taught me before. The passage was easy, the picture was fine. I had to rely on those 2 for preparation, and predict what questions will come out for conversation. I did some predictions.

After the few minutes, I had to move on to get tested. The examiners look nice. The one on the right was the one who keep asking the questions. The left one was quiet. Only when I asked for an explanation then she gave me examples. So the left one made my life difficult, because she kind of told me the answer and it feels weird repeating what she said. Luckily, it was only 1 out of 4 questions.

I wish everyone else taking the mother tongue oral exams the best if luck and do your best!


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