Today was super duper unproductive and a hyper waste of time.

My dad had to go for an eye medical check-up. My mum asked me to follow for I reason I don’t know. Probably to have brunch?

I spent the morning and the whole afternoon at the hospital. My parent do not know time. I had to do 4 papers and study for a test today, all the time is contributed to the hospital. We been to rooms after rooms.

It was super frustrating because we’ve been going to the same rooms all over again. Why cant the doctor do it in one shot? Could have just took 2 hours if he did so.

We had dinner at 4.15. My parents know I have tuition at 5.30. And they chose to rake their own sweet time. We left the mall at 5.00.

At the moment, I am typing this post very angrily. I my dad is on full speed trying to reach home or else I’ll be late.

Tomorrow I expect scoldings from my teacher and probably failing my test, because I don’t expect to take so long. I’m totally going to be late for tuition. Next time, I am never going to follow my parents for medical appointments. And I am almost out of battery. I’ll have to rush home later after tuition to try to.finish my work….zzzzzz

Absolutely hate today…


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