Today is a day that I would describe…. I don’t know what words should I use.

Ok, I’ve finished my work yesterday and handed them up to my teacher. And then, that teacher decided to give us a quiz. Whoever doesn’t get full marks has to stay back in school on Friday to do another set of questions of the same topic.

The quiz was one question. I did not complete it in 5 minutes. I have tuition on Friday. Obviously I was a little pissed. But I think I can complete the other set of questions in q few minutes… I hope.

Then, after that quiz. That teacher told us to rearrange our seating arrangement in 4s, and no rows. He Saud we can choose to sit with anyone we like, as long as the friend is able to help you. I chose to sit with one of my closer friends and 2 other not very close friends.

The whole class is in a mess. I didn’t get to sit with my other good friends. Then, the teacher came by our group and asked,” who is good in math”. We gave no answer.

I think shot is going to happen tomorrow. We have 3 periods of his lesson tomorrow. Dying…

*Sidenote- super pissed with my phone keyboard because it keeps auto correcting words that are already correct.


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