SimDay 2 : Life-changing day


They are home, on their houseboat, in Isla Paradiso. They finally get to enjoy staying in their houseboat.

There are some things that they want to do in university but they just could not. It’s time to accomplish them.

Chase organised a wedding party. It will take place in the evening. At first, he was meant to take place at the dorms at university, but it wasn’t allowed. The couple was very excited.

Jason and Chase decided to look for a job, so they uploaded their resume using their smart phone. They just couldn’t rely on Telena to earn the money for them. The reply came back. Chase was offered the military and the law enforcement jobs while Jason was offered medical and research jobs. Since Chase’s lifetime wish was to reach level 10 in law enforcement, the obvious choice would be law enforcement. Jason accepted the offer in research. Since they both graduated from Sims University before, their pay would be higher.

Telena still has that singer job. That afternoon, she went around sending sing-a-grams to Sims. She earned quite a bit, I mean, they are rich from applying for funds in university!

Jocelyn did nothing at home. She is just lazy as she is. She probably just played computer games or something.

Evening. All the guests start arriving. There were not a lot of guests because they haven’t really experienced life in Isla Paradiso. Most were colleagues. The household were also home.


Coming in by taxi

The party had a buffet table, with a lot of delicious food. Entertainment wad mostly just Chase playing his guitar. 1 hour into the party, they think it’s time to get married. There stood in the living room, everyone gathered around. They exchanged vows, and rings. Everyone around made the appropriate cheers. And Telena and Chase are now husband and wife. Everyone was very happy. After the party ended, Chase and Telena went on a honeymoon.

That night, Jason and Jocelyn relaxed on their bed, and talked about the happy things that happened throughout their lives. Then there was a sudden sexual urge. Jocelyn thought he was trying for a baby, but Jason just thinks that it was just a casual WooHoo. Anyway, it just happened.


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