Today was a typical school day. Nothing special happened today.

Lessons started with Chinese. We had some listening comprehension exercise. Well, Chinese ‘O’ levels are not done yet anyway. I really hope I do well so that I don’t need to take the paper at the end of the year.

Then our chemistry teacher was angry today because irritating people at the back of my column was really very noisy. Don’t know why is it so difficult to shut up.

Math lesson was 3 periods long (1.5 hours). Then another group of irritating people suggested some test so that they do not need to stay back for extra lesson. They are kind of good in math. Then one said that we have to get A for the test in order to pass. Well, they think that they are so funny, cool or amusing to do that. They probably think that girls think that they are bad ass. Well, they are just pure annoying.

Although we are of the same gender, I cannot comprehend the brain of those males. Are all boys like that? They think that they are totally awesome or something for being annoying???


One thought on “Irritation

  1. naripsta

    It’s usually the loud ones that won’t excel in the long run. Not all boys are like that. Just stay patient and ignore them. 🙂

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