Make it Worse


Yesterday we took this chemistry test which we have to create an experiment to test for concentration of vinegar. There was no invigilation. So obviously everyone had a discussion within their small groups. I admit that I asked my friend a few questions about it. But I guarantee that I did the rest of the work myself after about 5 minutes.

Somehow, our chemistry teacher found out and told our form teacher in the morning. So today, he said that we had to be punished for not showing integrity for the test and ruining his breakfast.

So now it’s time to explain why the title of this post is like that. Those sore loser guys from my previous post made a lot of arguments. Below is the evolution of the punishment due to them:

Original: Up to us to suggest
New: Draw posters to apologize to chemistry teacher
New (1): Apologise to her during her class
New (2): Apologise to her after school
New(3): Queue up to apologise to her after school one-by-one.
New(4): Queue up to apologise to her at 7am one-by-one.

Their mouths are too full of words, and have to vomit them out.

Then there was another thing regarding extra mathematics lesson because the math teacher is afraid that other teachers think that he is lazy. Then with the power of those people.

Original Plan: People who received the holiday homework from him has to attend the lesson.
New (1): Have a test on Monday, whoever fails needs to attend.
New (2): People who gets below 70% for the test has to stay for the lesson.

I mean, I already had to stay for the lesson anyway because I recieved the homework. Then now I have to speed study for a darn test just to avoid the lesson. My math isn’t so good. AMD also there was another guy who asked to raise it to 75%. Luckily, the math teacher was not nonsensical.

There use to be only 2 sore losers. Then 2 more decided to join them because they think it’s so cool to argue with the teacher or something like that. Then the “forever cannot understand the urge to cause problems” boys (sitting behind me) has always been the same number but really annoying.

I have some very close friends who are turning like them. Not really turning to a sore loser, but turning into someone who thinks talking back to a teacher that makes everyone laugh is totally cool, annoy other girls because it makes other boys laugh at them.

I am really feeling very depressed. They are really nice to me, just don’t like their attitude now…:-(

Conclusion, just shut up if you have nothing to say. People won’t think you are mute if you don’t talk. It’s not cool to rebel. And I think I’ll never be gay for love because it’s so difficult to understand other guys. Just simply cannot understand the mindset because most Singaporean guys are like that. Maybe in the future I’m those type who is a dad who has no friends and only cares aboutthe family over everything elseI’m just lucky that the few are not like that, are in my life.


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