Elderly should Chill!


The weekend started with tuition, English tuition as usual. I go to the same tuition centre with the same teacher for Additional Mathematics. The tutor is like some deity, she literally teaches every ‘O’ level subjects. And she’s young. Amazing huh?

I wanted to swap tuition timings, like change AMaths to Saturdays and English to Mondays. Because I have math every single school day. I would die. I don’t want more brain-bursting on Mondays. Well, English is relaxing.

Then for brunch, I ordered the Nasi Lemak from the usual store. This elderly woman was taking my order.

” 2 chicken, 1 fish and more chili”

She couldnot understand what I was talking about. I mean, I wasn’t speaking in Chinese! She definitely spoke English even though she is Malay. She looked pissed. After 3 minutes she understood what I was talking about, and gave me what I wanted( not really).

Just after, I accidentally bumped into an old man when I was taking cutlery. He gave me a “screw you” face. I’m really upset.

When we reached home at about 11am, I did even more math, because I have to study for the stupid test on Monday.

Now, it’s 9pm, I’m still doing math. I just wrote this post to take a short break. If my mum catches me, I hope she would understand.


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