Prologue and Girls


Hey guys, I’ve just published the prologue of my book series, The Evabond Chronicles, Apocalypse on Wattpad. I need as much support as I can. Do leave me a comment and don’t forget to vote!!

Read the Prologue here .

Now on with today’s post:

I am close friends with these two girls. Lets just call one of them C and the other D.( Not initials. Just random letters)

Today I had a good chat with them while waiting for a bus. I was telling C about BABYMETAL. Then, a small group of boys that we know passed us, and said hi. I just smiled. Honestly, the boys and I are not close, almost in bad terms, I’m not sure.( Guys are so complicated even if I’m a guy)

She asked why didn’t I say hi to them. I told her I don’t know. She said that I’m a guy, why don’t I know. Males are the most complicated creatures ever. The ones that I’m friends with are easy to understand. I don’t even understand my dad. He does things that even my maternal grandfather doesn’t like.

The bus came and we said goodbye to C. It’s just me and D.

Now, D is very nice, I should have known her for ten years. We just didn’t talk until 6 years later.

We talked about the guys in class. Please, the annoying ones. I like them, I just hate their smelly mouths. Their mouths are stuck forever open. I also mentioned about the loser guys. D said they are like grandmothers. Everyday they have to complain about something. So that’s why their mouths are smelly.

We also talked about her other 2 good girlfriends. I asked if they are lesbian. I don’t know why.


Conclusion: I prefer talking to girls. I like talking to guys because it doesn’t get awkward. But girls, they are more loyal and nice.


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