Can’t look at me in the eye


I live a happy life. I was bullied in the far past and am really much better now. Practically, everyone is my friend. Made no enemies I hope.

There is just this one, no TWO, people that I think self-declare me as nemesis which I have no idea about. I don’t remember being mean to anyone. Or at least not mean to them.

It was super sudden. This happened like around the end of March, around there. They both decided to stop talking to me for some reason which I just have no idea about, well, because we are not talking. That was the day I just felt super lonely because they were close friends.

So, something must have happened. I’ve asked their other close friend(s) and they said that those people never talked bad about me or anything. Nobody even noticed.

But for the other guy, I told the people sitting around him, ” Has he been treating me like a friend lately?” But he sort of talks to me?

Then recently, maybe today, I discovered that these we the only two people that cannot look at me in the eye. I do that because I was taught that this is a good way to tell people that ‘I am interested in what you are saying’. When I decided to initiate a conversation with them, they will look away. When they talk to other people, they turn around and look at them.


Coincidentally, they are also males. So moral of the story: I cannot understand guys.


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