My Dad’s a Child


Dad's shoe stacked on mine

See that picture. My dad’s work shoe is stacked on top of my white and blue flip-flops. Well, because my dad is super lazy.

My dad is so lazy that he cannot type in the address bar and has to close and reopen the internet explorer to go to Yahoo!.

My dad also likes to hold grudges with me. Just this one time, I chose to walk the long way to a food shop to buy lunch. Another day, he forced me to take his short cut and scolded me to when I said that there is nothing wrong with the long way.

My dad’s also very very fussy. When I found a table in a crowded hawkers centre, he refuse to sit there and had to find another table because it’s too dirty, too cold, too hot… Bla.

Ok, let’s stop talking about this. Today I had my Chinese ‘O’ level Listening Comprehension exam. Luckily, it was easy. Just one question that killed a lot of my brain cells.

One more thing. I’ve finished Chapter 2 of The Evabond Chronicles, Apocalypse. Yup, finally and successfully uploaded it. You can read it here.



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