My Bad Habit


Ok, I have this very bad habit that would affect me socially. It is rolling my eyes.

I roll my eyes when people piss me off ( who won’t). But I would also roll my eyes when I don’t agree with something someone says, even if he or she is right. It’s my natural reaction, that’s the bad part.

I discovered this habbit of mine just today. One of my classmates, which is actually one of the guys that thinks the rebelling is cool was telling me that tracing over pencil lines with pen ink, and then erasing the pencil lines is ugly. Hr also dared me to try. So I rolled my eyes, naturally. He announced to the group that I was angry.

So, I’m sorry to anyone whom I rolled my eyes in front of.

*** I felt like drawing all of a sudden, maybe for the Evabond Chronicles?


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