Washing My Flip-flops


As y’all know, my dad likes stacking his shoes on top of my white (or should I say black)and shy blue flip-flops, which I wear daily.

So when it was really really black, which was today. I decided to wash it.

Immediately when I came home from brunch, I took my flip-flops to my bathroom to wash.

I used my mum’s toilet-scrubbing brush (which has a lot of hair stuck between the bristles) and Dettol( Body Wash Soap Solution).

It was fun. I clogged the sink so that I could just soak the shoes in water. I saw many black particles. Then, when it comes to scrubbing, the foam was grey and there were spots on it on my shirt.

Anyway, at least it was super effective.


White Flip-flops

The rest of the day was no fun. Did too much physics and chemistry.

Tomorrow would be more relaxing, and then the night would be spam studying.

I have to go to Gardens by the Bay because we have free tickets and are about to expire and also have to go to the dentist to get my teeth clean. Then the studying is because I have Physics SPA Exam on Monday.

***Almost done with Chapter 3, probably upload it tomorrow since I’ll be so free.


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