Buried in Homework!


Alright, let’s start with something that happen in the morning. I’m secondary 4 in the first class, which I have to sit behind secondary 1 students.

There is one particular malay boy that is very special among the secondary ones. His hair is like mine, but longer, and he sweats very badly. You can see sweat just hanging onto the edge of his hair. It drips. One girl wad very disgusted with that.

I had a chemistry revision test today. It was horrible. I’m gonna swear that I’ll fail this test. It was too difficult.

And now back to the title. I may bot sleep tonight. There is three worksheets of math, one chemistry paper and some combined humanities essay.

I’ll just do the homework now…

***Decided to rewrite the prologue. Check for update soon!

***Question: What should I post if the day is super boring for xElfStorm Daily?


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