Taking A Break from Daily Blogging


Hey guys,

I’m letting y’all know that I’ll be taking a break from xElfStorm Daily category. I have to type a post every single day and I take away ten minutes of my studying time.

So, I’ll still be posting on xElfStorm Daily. But, it won’t be daily. I’ll just post whenever I have time.Sorry!

I’ll return to daily blogging at 29 October or 13 November when I’ll be finishing my National Exams.

Wish Me Luck!


I Lost My Phone


Found It!

Lost it the whole afternoon and night yesterday. That’s why I couldn’t post yesterday.

Well, I hid my phone so that I won’t be distracted from studying. Then, I couldn’t remember where I put it. I found it when I was about to sleep: Under my blanket. So, oops.

Anyway, today’s exam was relatively easier so I hope I do well. And there will be a separate post Rants #1

Rants #1


Rants of the week. In no particular order. It’s the opinions I have about people I saw.

#1: You’re Not Hot.
Ok, I saw this guy about my age on the train. Really one thing that attracted my attention was that he was wearing his school uniform, but it was unbuttoned.

It’s very rare to see this in my country, especially coming from my country. I mean, what the hell. Purpose? It wasn’t hot, freaking air-conditioned.

And he had a silver bling around his neck and expensive headphones. I’ll talk about expensive headphones later. A Bling? Really? I basically tried to break every single national school rules.

#2 It’s Almost Sex In Public
I saw this couple on the bus. They should be around my age if not older than me by one year. It’s actually quite rare people my age are dating in my country because education is too stressful.

The main point is:
Firstly, they were busy making out. It was very intimate.
Secondly, the guy was basically trying to lick her vagina, but she was fully clothed.

Please act appropriately in public. Or get a room.

#3 Girl Gossip
There’s nothing wrong with gossiping. Related to #2, two girls that should be younger than me had many things to say about that couple.

It was very obvious. Hand gestures, pointing at them, looking at them and then whispering. I mean, at least do it secretly.

Do that often, mess with the wrong people, you might get slashed.

#4 Expensive Headphones
There’s nothing wrong with using headphones even if they are expensive because maybe you are very rich or you have a strong passion for music. I use $16 earpieces.

However, I really don’t like it when they use expensive headphones. It’s like throwing in my face :”I’m damn rich and you’re poor”. Because I see a lot of youngsters having put music on, even when with their friends or parents. Talk to them?

One thing: there is this guy in my school, about 13, always have Sony headphones around his neck in the morning, but not plugged in. It’s extremely funny because he even have them on even when playing badminton with his friends. It’s funny when my friends point it out and say that very loudly for him to hear.

#5 Jackets does not make you cooler.

Gosh, this guy in my school, always have a jacket on. My country is very hot. The thing is, I feel that he does not have any male friends because he would always join a group of girls.

Guy thinks he hot.



Today was my Social Studies and Elementary Mathematics exam. This is the first time I am confident about my math exam.

Then, there is that Social Studies exam. Well, the Source Based Question was confusing and hell. It was about the Hutus and Tutsis and suddenly the united nations. What the hell. Don’t even know what the sources are talking about or refering to.

Now, I am studying geography. Oh god, not much time left. Byee

No School!


Today was no fun at all. I truly studied the while entire day using my desktop on Google Keep. Ok, it’s really the whole day if you exclude transport time, meals, a bit of Happy Wheels, deciding which is better: WordPress or Blogger.

How to study using Google Keep? I was studying for Social Studies, which requires a lot of memory work. So, I typed whatever I could remember and checked with my notes to make sure it’s right. Anyway, it automatically sync with my phone, so I can sort of study on bus rides.

And yes, it was very distracting. That’s how I got to Happy Wheels. Trust, I only played for 15 minutes. Then I went to check why my science blog project on blogspot for more views than thus blog. After that, I diligently studied.

In tomorrow’s exam, I’m seriously going to vomit out all my knowledge and hope I do well. Hope that my teacher don’t fail the whole level again for being able to memorise word for word from the notes

English Paper


Today, I took my English Preliminary Paper. It wasn’t that bad. My English teacher described the paper as if it was from hell. Gosh.

Anyway, tomorrow I do not need to go to school!!!! :-D. Well, because I’m not taking that particular subject. So, I might have time to study lots tomorrow.

Praying to Grandma


Oh, my grandmother died in 2010 because of those stupid nurses who only cares about how they look.

Today, my parents decided to bring me to pray to her for no reason. I’m fine with that. I miss her anyways.

I’m a Buddhist. So, I go to a temple. Today was interesting because I get to see many old people wearing black robes and praying to Buddha.

My mum brought my grandmother some fruits and four servings of vegetable rolls.

Sometimes, it makes me wonder what will happen when I die. Where do we go. And especially why there are so many religions in this world. Really strange huh?

National Day Dinner


Let’s not talk about the morning and the afternoon. It was just the usual stuff: Tuition, study for the whole entire day…

Ok, evening at about like 6pm. I was forced to wear some coloured shirt which was my favorite colour green, straight jeans which is meant to show your underwear, and sneakers bit which socks that were too think. Don’t know why my mum bought these stuff for me to wear for something that is outdoor.

We were actually invited to this event because my dad had some sort of role related to the government. He’s one of those volunteers that serves the community. His boss is a member of parliament.

We were early. Hardly anyone was there. Saw too many rich people who wore diamonds on their dresses.

Then, the actual dinner began. It was full of performances like rapid clothes changing, singing, dancing. Blah.

The foods weren’t so bad. But they aren’t filling. So, I might be hungry.

Tomorrow I’m going to mass study my social studies

Finally, The Results


I got my Chinese ‘O’ Level results back.

I GOT A B3!!! YAY.:-D 😀

Oh god. I am indeed very lucky. I can’t believe it! I usually fail my Chinese, but this time, it’s a B3!!!

When I told my mother, she decided to take us out to dinner! Some chicken rice.

The only thing that is concerning me is that my friends want me to retake the exam with them. They got the same grade as me. But some of them used to score As. So, my mum told me I do not need me to retake the exam.

Sigh, I’m not so sure.

*** Updated my About Page.

Last Day


Today was the last day of school lessons. It wasn’t really a good thing. This means that tomorrow is the start of my preliminary exams(Freak, Chinese first).

Tomorrow I’ll be getting back my Chinese ‘O’ level results. If I do not do well, I would have to retake the exam in October/November. So, hell I better get A.

Today was also the day that I discovered that two of my table mates were such perverts.

Recently, they have been dropping things on the floor. Then, sometimes they say : “Stop Cockblocking.(Is that how it’s spelled?)”

Firstly, I had no idea what cock blocking means. Secondly, I had always thought that they did it because they have nothing better to do.

Oh, they did that to peep at girl’s panties. I mean, the girls are rather far from my table. It took me one week to understand what was going on. I also needed my friend to explain to me. He always thought that I already knew what they were up to.

Wish me luck for my exams tomorrow and for the results I’ll be getting!