Time Needed!!


Oh gawd. So what if I finished my Ten Year Series. I have more things to do.

I proudly handed up my Ten Year Series to my math teacher. So, I’m done with elementary math. Now there is Additional Mathematics homework. Some paper I have to do by tomorrow I think. Unless, he does not go through the paper.

Then I have two tests tomorrow. Physics and Chemistry. I know it’s not the first time that that I have more than one test. But, this time, I only have 2 or less hours to study for it.

Ah. Sigh.

Well, at least after school tomorrow I might be more free. Because Wednesday is National Day (My country’s independence day) Celebration in school, Thursday is Hari Raya holiday (A Malay holiday) and Friday is the official National Day.

So, yes, I finally get to rest and relax AND catch up with the work which it’s time I have lost during the weekend. Sigh.


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