Holiday = FREEDOM


Finally done with the day. The physics test was easier, then the chemistry test was hard. It burned too many brain cells.

The day was very very long. Because the whole day was almost tests and classwork. None required the teacher to teach.

I had tuition in the afternoon. There is still this guy in my class that refuse to talk to me. It was difficult telling others that because he is a nice person, we’ve been close friends before. And now, we are strangers. FINALLY HE DID SOMETHING FOR ME TO PROVE TO MY FRIENDS. He said bye to everyone except me after school. 😦

And now, when I’m home, I’m just going to slack. Who am I kidding? I’m going to study…. But at least it does not require me to rush.

One more thing, tomorrow is my school’s national day celebration. We have to wear red to school. I don’t even know if I have a red shirt; my whole wardrobe is green (My strange obsession). Obviously my pants are not green.


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