Today is the worst National Day Celebration in school ever!!

The only good thing about this year’s is that it is held I’m the hall. That’s the only good thing.

The whole ceremony of the observance was bad. It requires us to keep standing up and sitting down. I wonder why they did not decide to do the standing part all in one shot.

After the observance ceremony is supposingly the sports carnival. But, it rain. I think the teacher-in-charge jinxed it, because he announced that never in the history did it rain before.

Then, we went home at 10.30. I had the least stressful day this month.

And also, today is the beginning of the seventh month in the Chinese calender. As a fellow Chinese, I have to pray to umm, I’m not very sure. I think evil spirits? Wait, no. I think it’s pray that the evil spirits don’t harm us. Yah, that’s more logical.

Now, I’m studying, even through I’m going to have a long weekend due to two holidays in a row.


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