Selemat Hari Raya!


Today is the first day of the holidays. We went out about 70% of the day.

I went to tuition in the morning.

Then, we had lunch. I asked my mum if I could watch The Smurfs 2 Movie. She refused. So, she just bought one ticket for me to watch the movie. That’s the weirdest thing ever: Watching a movie Alone. I may do a movie review soon.

Then we went out to a very very crowded but small shopping centre. It was crowded as hell. I apologize for smelling mannequin’s boobs because it was very very crowded. And I had to wait outside the shop for my mum to buy clothes. No, she did not buy anything, just walked around! One thing that made ne angry, was that a group of girls decided to play Choo-choo train in the middle of the crowd. What the hell? IT’S SO CROWDED I KEEP TOUCHING PEOPLE’S WAIST AND THEY DECIDE TO PLAY CHOO CHOO? HANDS ON EACH OTHERS SHOULDERS THEN STOP AND GO, STOP AND GO. SERIOUSLY?

Anyway. Wishing all Muslim Readers Selemat Hari Raya!


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