Happy National Day!


Happy Birthday to my country!! Which is also the day my country gained independence. I really love this place as it’s known to be the safest country on earth! No such thing as natural disasters YET!

I thought there will be something special for today for the household. NOOOO…

We went shopping for the whole morning and had brunch there. Then, we went home. And I had to do work. That’s it. That’s my day. Even dinner was nothing special. Porridge.

Now I’m watching the national day parade on television. I don’t know why it’s called a parade. It’s only a parade for the first hour, then the rest is more like a musical.

Anyways. Happy Birthday my country! I love you! (even if I’m half chinese malaysian and Chinese Malaysian is not the sane as malay)

*** I’ve created another blog: http://nirvalius.wordpress.com . It’s reserved for something special I’m planning for starting from November or December onwards. I’m still using this blog! Not giving up on this blog!


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