A Few Hours Overseas


Today is a Saturday. My mum promised us that we would go to Johor Bahru, Malaysia for lunch and dinner. So I was rather excited. I even brought my portable charger because my phone would definitely be out of battery. I knew the journey would definitely be long, so my phone will last through game playing/blogging/watching the first episode of ‘Sherlock’ because my friend asked me to and that would be the only time I have to do so.

I had tuition first. Just one thing that really attracted my attention is this boy in my class. He was listening to music while doing his work. He was kind of singing it as well, like lip-syncing. I have absolutely no problems with that; I do that sometimes when I am doing my homework. But his was… Loud. I could hear the sort of whispering sounds. That’s annoying. I bet it was rap; he sang like he was trying to kill somebody. I’ll stick with pop.

And after tuition, we waited for the bus. There was a direct bus to there. We literally waited for an hour. No bus. So my mum decided to call off the trip. I was really upset. Also,:

I would like yo make a damn complain about the bus service 160 coming from Malaysia to Jurong East interchange. Five buses of number 160 came at the same time. Please increase the frequency of buses. Thanks.

Ok, so I was really upset. We went to the mall that we went like 3 times already this week to have lunch. After that, we have to go to the same bus stop to take another bus home. But then, bus 160 arrived!

My mum decided we still go ahead to Malaysia, just that, my mum can only do shopping and we have dinner.

Yup, expected, shopping at dinner. For dinner we ate at one of our favourite places: Teck Sing Restaurant


Teck Sing Paper Chicken

This was our favourite. We go Johor Bahru to only eat either Bah Kut Teh or Paper chicken. It was delicious. I recommend the paper chicken and Hot Plate Otah.

We went home shortly after that. Now, I’m doing some work.

*** Notice the new page on the menu? It’s all about The Evabond Chronicles. Click here to view or just click on the menu.

*** Almost done with chapter 5 of the book. Sorry for the long wait!


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