A Substitute Teacher


Ok, my English teacher who taught me for three years got pregnant again. Three years ago, sh got pregnant and had to take leave from school to labour. Three years later, she got pregnant again and is again leaving us to give birth. Bit this time, she is leaving us during our important year.

So, we had a substitute teacher to teach us. This teacher had taught me before, when I was fourteen for math. I did really well in math, so I ended up in the “best” class.

I was looking forward to her lesson. However, she is only taking us for two weeks because after two weeks, it’s our preliminary exams.

I was happy when she came to class. Just one thing that’s irritates me, she has to be so… Perfect. She just needs to speak in perfect English and she takes her time to talk so that she could pronunciate her words properly.

Ahh, but is very funny as she likes to throw shade at my other classmates who likes to talk too much.


I have a chemistry test tomorrow!! Got to study! Byee!!

*** Started to write a little bit of a page of my other blog which has nothing on. It’s a project I plan to start at November or December.


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