I’m doing past year additional mathematics papers from different schools now. I had nothing to do so I decided to do them. I just have one simple question to ask the setters:


The papers are damn freaking hard! What are they trying to do? KILL THERE STUDENTS? THESE PAPERS KILLED MANY MANY BRAIN CELLS. It’s kind of an epidemic in my brain now.

Sidenote: Just found out that my math teacher watches The Walking Dead as well!!

One more thing: I’m having my English ‘O’ Level Oral tomorrow. Hopefully they don’t scare the hell out of me and make me speechless. I hope my brain works properly tomorrow.

Thanks! Wish me luck!

***Started to write chapter 6 of my book series. It should take longer to complete as I’m having exams soon. Hope y’all can bear with me.

***I’ve already started a little for Nirvalius blog. I’m almost done with a sort of poster. It’ll be up after editing. This should probably give you some hints to what it’ll be about.


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