Rant and Food



Ok, I have this classmate of mine. He is actually very serious, and everyone thinks that he is weird. So, he was kind of made fun of for the last year.

This year. He changed a lot. He became even weirder. Everyone started laughing at him for doing very silly things. I told many of them not to do so because this will encourage him to make a greater fool of himself. I used the rapist theory to explain. None of them listen except one of my closest friends.

He usually sit with us in recess and i used to joke with him. But he has no sense of humor.

And today. He frickin hit my nerves. He asked one of my friends, “Hey, do you know that in this class there is one crazy and weird one?”


“IT’S ME!”

GOSH! NOW HE’S PROUD OF IT. He obviously does it on purpose because you can see that cheeky smile on his face. Being weird is wacky not him. The whole class is actually annoyed by his acts. I don’t know what to do.

I literally wanted to jump off the cliff when he said that. This means my suffering will begin.






Today was considered the best day ever. I ate all my favourite foods today. I’m blessed


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