Today was a FANTASTIC DAY!

I discovered that we will not get back our ‘O’ level Chinese result until Friday. The thing is, FRIDAY IS THE ******** CHINESE PRELIMINARY EXAMS! Ok, let me explain. If we do not choose to retake our Chinese ‘O’ level again in December, we don’t need to touch Chinese ever again this year! NOW, BECAUSE THE FRICKING CHINESE RESULTS WILL HE OUT ON THE SAME DAY AS THE PRELIMS, WE HAVE TO TAKE THE EXAM BEFORE GETTING OUR RESULTS BACK. WHAT THE HELL!????!!! I FORGOT ALL MY CHINESE!

Secondly, I have three periods of Social Studies lesson in a row today. It was so boring. They replaced our assembly with Social Studies…..

Lastly, I wanted to study today. Actually, everyday. I just can’t find any time to do so. There is just too much homework given by our teachers. Seriously, where the hell do we find time? I am going to try rushing through every subject during the weekends. Now, I’m just going to relax a little and panic about my Chinese.

*** Nirvalius will be fixed tomorrow. Sorry.


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