Last Day


Today was the last day of school lessons. It wasn’t really a good thing. This means that tomorrow is the start of my preliminary exams(Freak, Chinese first).

Tomorrow I’ll be getting back my Chinese ‘O’ level results. If I do not do well, I would have to retake the exam in October/November. So, hell I better get A.

Today was also the day that I discovered that two of my table mates were such perverts.

Recently, they have been dropping things on the floor. Then, sometimes they say : “Stop Cockblocking.(Is that how it’s spelled?)”

Firstly, I had no idea what cock blocking means. Secondly, I had always thought that they did it because they have nothing better to do.

Oh, they did that to peep at girl’s panties. I mean, the girls are rather far from my table. It took me one week to understand what was going on. I also needed my friend to explain to me. He always thought that I already knew what they were up to.

Wish me luck for my exams tomorrow and for the results I’ll be getting!


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