National Day Dinner


Let’s not talk about the morning and the afternoon. It was just the usual stuff: Tuition, study for the whole entire day…

Ok, evening at about like 6pm. I was forced to wear some coloured shirt which was my favorite colour green, straight jeans which is meant to show your underwear, and sneakers bit which socks that were too think. Don’t know why my mum bought these stuff for me to wear for something that is outdoor.

We were actually invited to this event because my dad had some sort of role related to the government. He’s one of those volunteers that serves the community. His boss is a member of parliament.

We were early. Hardly anyone was there. Saw too many rich people who wore diamonds on their dresses.

Then, the actual dinner began. It was full of performances like rapid clothes changing, singing, dancing. Blah.

The foods weren’t so bad. But they aren’t filling. So, I might be hungry.

Tomorrow I’m going to mass study my social studies


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