No School!


Today was no fun at all. I truly studied the while entire day using my desktop on Google Keep. Ok, it’s really the whole day if you exclude transport time, meals, a bit of Happy Wheels, deciding which is better: WordPress or Blogger.

How to study using Google Keep? I was studying for Social Studies, which requires a lot of memory work. So, I typed whatever I could remember and checked with my notes to make sure it’s right. Anyway, it automatically sync with my phone, so I can sort of study on bus rides.

And yes, it was very distracting. That’s how I got to Happy Wheels. Trust, I only played for 15 minutes. Then I went to check why my science blog project on blogspot for more views than thus blog. After that, I diligently studied.

In tomorrow’s exam, I’m seriously going to vomit out all my knowledge and hope I do well. Hope that my teacher don’t fail the whole level again for being able to memorise word for word from the notes


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