Weekly Sum-Up #2: Holiday Edition


Had a study date with a close friend. We only did physics and some ranting. Like, BABYMETAL performed in Indonesia and is not coming to my country. Blah.

Watched episode 10 (I can’t remember) of Highschool DxD and started watching another anime: Valvrave the Liberator to hopefully get me excited about this year’s Anime Festival Asia (AFA). Seriously didn’t feel like going.

Studied Social Studies. Like reading the second chapter in detail.

Watched Episodes 2-7 of Valvrave The Liberator. The anime is not bad and very interesting. Also realized that the opening theme song is sang by TM Revolution and Mizuki Nana. (OMG!!)

Made the decision to finish an assessment book. It’s Additional Mathematics and each chapter is about average 60 questions. Started.

Watched finish Valvrave The Liberator. The anime is quite cool, a bit shocking and the finale was a cliffhanger. Oh well, noticed that the anime is rather old. So season 2 is next month. (Yay!!)

Continued with Additional Mathematics Marathon.

Felt like using Google’s Blogger for my Nirvalius Project since Blogger is free. I really really love WordPress, just that there is a memory limit making it annoying.

I’ll stick with WordPress for this blog. Nirvalius will be transfered to Blogger soon.

Pure studying. Although it really feel like ripping my brains out. But, I’m fine with that.

Also, X FACTOR USA. I know a bit shocking but we’re able to recieve the telecast from my country. It airs on a local channel at the same day the episode is aired but shown at 10.30pm. All my friends know that’s my bed time. But, anything for X Factor.

Pure Studying. I really feel like killing myself but I’ll persevere. My mum decided to stay home.

My mum brought me out to a shopping mall to eat some Japanese food. I also had a haircut. The barbers never cut my fringe. Hmm, not aiming for a very long fringe ya know.

At 10.30pm, X FACTOR USA. I wad actually quite surprised because it’s 2 hours. It’s a good thing. But, shouldn’t the 2 hour episodes be shown on a Thursday instead of Fridays?


Weekly Sum-Up #1


This ia the first Weekly Sum-Up where I summarise my week in one post. Here it is:

Had A Physics Paper. Only went to school for 1h 45 min. School Really?

Had an Additional Mathematics paper and Chemistry Multiple Choice Paper. It was hard.

That afternoon, my chemistry teacher also texted me saying I didn’t do well for that paper but did well for my structured answers paper.

It was also my mum’s birthday (3rd September)! We went to eat Penang, Malaysian food. It was a buffet. And coincidentally, my mum met her long lost neighbor from her childhood. My mum’s from Penang, so he’s from Penang too.

My mum’s almost like 40 and have not seen each other for like 30 years? Amazingly that he is able to recognize her after so long and calling her by her personal Chinese name.

Had A 1hr Multiple Choice Physics paper. Zzzz.

But, went I got home, I played The Sims 3!! I also started recording the gameplay with my voice and posted it on YouTube!

Y’all can finally hear how I sound like at my YouTube Gaming channel: xElfStormGaming

Teachers’ Day Celebration! It’s along the day I found guitars mainstream and every script for a school performance of the MCs to be standard.

Every performance was the acoustic guitar. Anything else?

Actual Teachers’ Day. Wished my chemistry teacher teacher’s day by texting as that’s the only teacher’s number I have.

Also, HighSchool DxD Season 2 Marathon! Haven’t watched season 2 yet so finally watched it. Too much nudity. I thought that the story and plot was fantastic. Once they add the naked girls, they are just overdoing it.