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Review: BABYMETAL live solo concert in Singapore


I attended the concert on the 28th December 2013. It was my very first concert and was very glad that my favourite Japanese Girl Group was coming to Singapore.

I got the tickets when they were sold at AFA2013.  I didn’t attend that event. I had a very good friend who conveniently bought the ticket while he was there. I am grateful.

Anyways, the tickets I got was the GA (General Admission) which cost S$88. According to my friends, it is considered cheap. Well, it’s my first concert. So, it was considered expensive to me. I used my salary from my vacation job to pay for it.

When the actual day arrived, I was quite excited. Not just because of the concert, but also getting my new phone! (Another story for another post). The concert starts at 5.30pm; I reached there at 4.20pm. When I reached the venue, I could see many people wearing the BABYMETAL concert T-shirts while I decided to wear a plain white tee.

The queue for GA was outside SCAPE. There were just a few people in front of me. So, I should be the closest to BABYMETAL of the GA crowd.

At around 5.10, the doors open for.the GAs and by then, the queue was incredibly long. I just rushed in when they opened.

At 5.30, the concert started. It was interesting. The concert had some sort of storyline and it was really nice of them to personalise the concert for our country. They had short animated clips at the start and in between songs to tell the story. I can’t remember the exact words of the story or the order of the songs. But I roughly can explain the concert.

Clip 1: Heavy Metal was considered evil so the fox god decided to recruit three girls: SU-METAL, YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL.

Clip 2: YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL have been partying too hard, even when the fox god warned them not to. They even ate anti-metal chocolate (whatever it’s called) and they became evil. They started saying ‘yo’ and that’s when began. Forming BLACK BABYMETAL

Clip 3: SU-METAL became the RED METAL KNIGHT to fight evil.

Clip 4 (Encore): They found a metal god in Singapore called the MERLION GOD. Like Kawaii Metal half Idol Pop and half heavy metal, it is half lion half fish.

I have horrible memory, I can’t remember the order right.

Clip 1
② Kimi ga Anime ga mitai 【 Answer for Animation With You 】
③ いいね!! (Ii ne!!)

Clip 2
④ Onedari Daisakusen
⑤ Give me Chocolate 〖 New Song 〗
⑥ Uki Uki Midnight

Clip 3
⑦ Akatsuki
⑧ Catch me if you can
⑨ Headbangerrr!
⑩ Doki Doki Morning★

Clip 4 (Encore)
Encore⑴ メギツネ (MEGITSUNE)
Encore⑵ Ijime,Dame,Zettai

That’s it! Overall it was great. Honestly, their performance were really the same as you would see their love performances on YouTube. It was really nice for them to personalise the concert for their Singaporean fans with the MERLION GOD. No money wasted.