Something New?




So it has been like what, 9 months (wow, that’s like, a whole pregnancy) since i blogged? Well, I was busy with school work and some procrastination. Oh gosh, I do this too many times. It is very terrible, I am so sorry….

Well, I want to try something new with my blog posts. I really want to add more pictures to my blog posts, otherwise it looks like a bunch of words altogether. And, I also love drawing, so… I decided to draw pictures together with my blog posts. I will try to start that soon.

For the last 9 months, I have been obsessed with this talk show called THE REAL. Oh I love this talk show so much. It is so funny, the stuff they talk about is so interesting and the women on the show are so pretty. I watch the show all the time on YouTube (It does not air in my country, bummer….) I really recommend this talk show to everyone! This show has probably made me a better man listening to all those stories about them talking about their men.

I created a blog for my school work. My teacher requires us to create one so I hope you’ll visit it. Leave some feedback whatsoever and check it out if you want:

I also recently went to Japan for a week on vacation. It was my first visit there and boy was I excited. It was also my first time at Disneyland. I’ll write a post on it soon, hopefully.

Okay, this post is in a mess. I’ll stop now. See y’all soon!


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