Review: What’s in my Android SmartPhone


I am a typical teenager who is heavily reliant on my phone. Some of my friends like to call my phone the ‘Hipster phone’, because it’s a Sony Ericsson Neo V, and I’m the only person possibly in my whole school who uses this phone. Today I’ve decided to share with you guys some of the apps in my Android Smartphone.

The Sims Freeplay– Very obvious that I have this game. I’ve actually played this game for about 2 years now, and restarted about 3 times already due to errors. If you don’t have The Sims 3 game for computer, you should try this game!

Happy Street– One of my favorite games. It’s kind of like those games where you manage a village, do some restocking of shops, upgrade houses, do some harvesting etc. It’s really fun, but sometimes it get a a little boring if the don’t update the game.

Lil’ Kingdom– I like this game because of the 3D graphics. It’s also really fun and simple to play. It’s like Tiny Tower, just that it’s underground. You can also keep pet unicorns and dragons and citizens of your kingdom can range from fairies to humans to ogres.

osu!droid– It’s a J-pop music game. Just tap on the circles following the rhythm of the song of your choice. You can download the songs from the game itself.

Inotia 4– A very famous RPG game, and my favorite one. You can play many different types of characters.

Other Apps
My Boy! Free– Emulator for gameboy advanced. I am currently playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon on it. You have to download ROMs in order to play.

SoundCloud– I just download this app to listen to Shane Dawson’s podcast: Shane and friends.

Office Suite – I use this app to read documents from my school or for projects. It’s very easy to use.

Bakareader – You can read Japanese translated to English Light novels. My favourites are HighSchool DxD, Sword Art Online and Accel World.

WordPress – I blog using my phone, I need this.

Okay, that’s all. I have more apps on my phone, just that I don’t have enough time to add in all. Hope you guys find this post useful. Do try this apps.

*All links are for Android by Google. These apps might be on Apple’s iPhone. Go check them out.