Selemat Hari Raya!


Today is the first day of the holidays. We went out about 70% of the day.

I went to tuition in the morning.

Then, we had lunch. I asked my mum if I could watch The Smurfs 2 Movie. She refused. So, she just bought one ticket for me to watch the movie. That’s the weirdest thing ever: Watching a movie Alone. I may do a movie review soon.

Then we went out to a very very crowded but small shopping centre. It was crowded as hell. I apologize for smelling mannequin’s boobs because it was very very crowded. And I had to wait outside the shop for my mum to buy clothes. No, she did not buy anything, just walked around! One thing that made ne angry, was that a group of girls decided to play Choo-choo train in the middle of the crowd. What the hell? IT’S SO CROWDED I KEEP TOUCHING PEOPLE’S WAIST AND THEY DECIDE TO PLAY CHOO CHOO? HANDS ON EACH OTHERS SHOULDERS THEN STOP AND GO, STOP AND GO. SERIOUSLY?

Anyway. Wishing all Muslim Readers Selemat Hari Raya!




I woke up at 8 in the morning to do my Mathematics Ten-Year Series. This book has captured my soul and sucked my life dry, stole all precious time and turned me into a math zombie.


At least I gave my mum a pleasant surprise of doing work so early in the morning. But she was highly suspicious so…

Anyway, today, I’m proud to say that this journey has ended. I finished the whole book and started my homework (It’s Sunday)

Uh what the hell. My friends told me that they died doing homework so I think I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

At least I won’t need to stay back I’m school just to complete the TYS.

And again I’m outside shopping with my mum. My dad’s car broke down. Took a bus home. And I’m super tired now. Nights

My Near Death Experience: Math


I almost died today. I did over 7 chapters today. I’m left with exactly 4 chapters as of the time this post is published. I hope my mum allows be to finish the book by burning mid night oil. I want tomorrow to be maths free day.

As expected, my parents brought me out. This happens all the time. Everytime I have something important to do, there is always a reason to spoil my plans. God LOVES playing games with me!

AND dinner. I ate something called salt baked chicken from Hougang, Singpapore.( It’s not a state, it’s a street)


Salt baked chicken

Now I’m still doing math. I blame my math teacher.

***Chapter 4 has been added. Read The Evabond Chronicles, Apocalypse here

Mad at Wattpad


Today I had a normal and sort of joyful day. Then Wattpad decided to screw it up.

Ok, as usual, had my brunch, then my tuition, then shopping. Normal day.

During the shopping trip, I saw the cutest thing ever as I was queueing up to buy food for my dinner: a mother and her baby. What’s adorable is that the baby’s crying is an on/off kind of thing. Whenever she cries, the mother literally stuffed the pacifier in her mouth. Babies pit anything in their mouths.

As I was queueing behind them, the baby was holding a two-dollar note and put it in her mouth. Then, she wanted to give it to me! How adorable!!!

That’s the only thing that make me smile. Now the part Wattpad messed it up.

As you all know, I’m writing a book series on Wattpad called The Evabond Chronicles, Apocalypse, which you can read it here . I was writing chapter 2 on my phone and finally completed the chapter after a week of mass phone typing. When I reached home to upload it, there’s that refresh button so that it syncs. I pressed it, you have to in order to publish it. Then it gave me three options and I have to press one. 2 out of 3 of the options I don’t fricking understand and the only one option I understood was ‘cancel’. I pressed the first one and it showed me the version when I typed it online. I was shocked, because I wrote many many words more than that which took me a week to write, and now it’s all gone. I can’t do anything about it. So I have to rewrite chapter 2. So, I apologize for the delay.

Tip to Wattpad: Please make the options easier to understand. I killed many brain cells to figure out the meaning of the options.

So now I have to rewrite chapter 2, and would probably take another week to write. The book description was also returned to the initial one which also made me super pissed.

So I’ve decided to use WordPress to type out the story on my phone because it’s really simple to use. The chapter will bot he uploaded here… I’m just going to copy and paste to Wattpad.

* I realized that the angry tag on my blog is quite frequently used.


*** Please read The Evabond Chronicles, Apocalypse



Today was what I should say the most productive day? Kind of.

Yeah, as usual, had my math tuition. And need to eat my Nasi Lemak for brunch. I’ve got my mum to buy it for me. Didn’t need to get the store lady pissed.

The whole 7 hours before 5pm, I did a lot of math and physics. Got very angry at math. No surprises. I also discovered this Japanese girl band called Doll $ Boxx. They are quite cool. Go and check them out.

Also, Please support my book on Wattpad! Link is at the homepage!! Don’t forget to vote and comment!



My math teacher was absent from school today. My Chinese teacher is also absent from school. That’s the only reason why today was the most relaxing day.

Nothing interesting happened today. However, I’ve managed to write a little bit of the second chapter of The Evabond Chronicles. Please support by reading and voting!!!

Oh, I have just one complaint, which is the frequency of the bus I usually take home. The bus number is 173, which goes from Clementi Interchange to my house. The bus frequency is horrible and is commonly delayed. The queue to take this bus is forever long. So I don’t understand why they never tried to improve the service.



Today was super duper unproductive and a hyper waste of time.

My dad had to go for an eye medical check-up. My mum asked me to follow for I reason I don’t know. Probably to have brunch?

I spent the morning and the whole afternoon at the hospital. My parent do not know time. I had to do 4 papers and study for a test today, all the time is contributed to the hospital. We been to rooms after rooms.

It was super frustrating because we’ve been going to the same rooms all over again. Why cant the doctor do it in one shot? Could have just took 2 hours if he did so.

We had dinner at 4.15. My parents know I have tuition at 5.30. And they chose to rake their own sweet time. We left the mall at 5.00.

At the moment, I am typing this post very angrily. I my dad is on full speed trying to reach home or else I’ll be late.

Tomorrow I expect scoldings from my teacher and probably failing my test, because I don’t expect to take so long. I’m totally going to be late for tuition. Next time, I am never going to follow my parents for medical appointments. And I am almost out of battery. I’ll have to rush home later after tuition to try to.finish my work….zzzzzz

Absolutely hate today…