Something New?




So it has been like what, 9 months (wow, that’s like, a whole pregnancy) since i blogged? Well, I was busy with school work and some procrastination. Oh gosh, I do this too many times. It is very terrible, I am so sorry….

Well, I want to try something new with my blog posts. I really want to add more pictures to my blog posts, otherwise it looks like a bunch of words altogether. And, I also love drawing, so… I decided to draw pictures together with my blog posts. I will try to start that soon.

For the last 9 months, I have been obsessed with this talk show called THE REAL. Oh I love this talk show so much. It is so funny, the stuff they talk about is so interesting and the women on the show are so pretty. I watch the show all the time on YouTube (It does not air in my country, bummer….) I really recommend this talk show to everyone! This show has probably made me a better man listening to all those stories about them talking about their men.

I created a blog for my school work. My teacher requires us to create one so I hope you’ll visit it. Leave some feedback whatsoever and check it out if you want:

I also recently went to Japan for a week on vacation. It was my first visit there and boy was I excited. It was also my first time at Disneyland. I’ll write a post on it soon, hopefully.

Okay, this post is in a mess. I’ll stop now. See y’all soon!


Studying Animation


Finally, I HAVE FREE TIME!!! 😱😱😱

It has been a very VERY long time since I posted anything. Mainly because I have school. AND SCHOOL WAS VERY BUSY. Now it’s the semester break for 1.5 months so I decided to take a good rest, and work at the same time.

Well, now I study animation in school. I have to say I’m I having quite a fun time despite all the deadlines and rushing of work. I want to show what I did for school and what I did to secretly hide “Nirvalius” in my works for school. I’ll go over module by module.

Graphic Design Principles
This module basically teaches us how to use two adobe softwares which are Photoshop and Illustrator and also encourages brain storming ideas under one topic. This was my favourite module. Comparing Photoshop with Illustrator, I think Illustrator is such a bitch. Maybe it’s because this was still new to me so the software will not cooperate with me?

So the first assignment was to generate 50 ideas for one topic. There was a series of topics to choose from and I chose the work “Clocks”. These were the 50 ideas I had to finish in one term, it was rather short time period.

This is the 50 ideas assignment. You can Zoom In to see the images.

This is the 50 ideas assignment. You can Zoom In to see the images.

After that, we had to design a movie poster based on the ideas.

This is the poster

This is the poster

Introduction to Computer Graphics

This module is actually introducing us the basics of this computer animation software called Autodesk MAYA. As usual as this is a software I never used before, it was a total bitch to use. I will try to get used to this. Below is a garage I modelled from an image for the first assignment.

4 Angles of Garage

4 Angles of Garage

Below is the second assignment I did which is a model of a bicycle from an image.

Bicycle at an angle

Bicycle at an angle

And then this bicycle is put into the garage.

Bicycle in the Garage At An Angle

Bicycle in the Garage At An Angle

Traditional Animation

In this module, we produce animation by drawing frame-by-frame drawing on animation paper. So, we learn about the 12 animation principles and lots more. But I have to say that I spend the most time of my life in this module. It is very VERY time-consuming. Below is the second assignment I submitted for examination. They are just a few seconds long but it took me more than two weeks to do, not all days of the week, but still took a very long time.

I'm so sorry that the animation looked very glitched. Because I just converted the video to a GIF

I’m so sorry that the animation looked very glitched. Because I just converted the video to a GIF


We do drawing. Basically. Learn how to do perspective drawing, some inking techniques and some basic anatomy. This module I would have to say was my worse one. Because I wasn’t having any of it. The lecturer’s teaching and instructions were very incomplete and that’s why the final work comes out different from other classes.

The Drawing isn't that good. Whatever

The Drawing isn’t that good. Whatever

History Of Animation

This module requires us to know how to do a presentation and use more of the PowerPoint tools to execute a “Graphical” approach to telling a Story. We have to do our research on a person in the animation Industry or film and tell a story on it through the PowerPoint Slides. The most irritating part of this assignment is that you would take the longest time ever trying to add the citations which is very important but irritating.

Other Modules

We have two more modules like “General Education” and “Communication and Team Effectiveness” which are irrelevant to what I’m learning so I won’t talk about that.


So that’s all. I really have great fun with this course. Very interesting. I’ll see you guys soon. Bye Guys.

Do check out I’ll update new comics soon.

1 more day


Time flies really fast, doesn’t it? It has been quite a long time since I have ever posted anything on this blog. I took a really long break because, I just decided to draw, and work.

I recently participated to the freshmen orientation camp organised by the school. I have made new friends and rebonded with two old friends. One that has been in the same school with me for my life, and another who is really close friends with me in primary two, lost contact for 8 years.

The official orientation was ok. Really, there wasn’t really time to bond with our classmates. But we had like one day, just during flag day. Flag Day was like my polytechnic’s tradition. Bit they sent us somewhere where there are all the residential areas are, so not much luck with the raising of money.

Lessons officially starts tomorrow. I’m kind of scared but VERY VERY excited. It’s really something new from what I study in secondary school so I hope I don’t die.

As for my blog, I decided to TRY to post weekly. And daily posts would be on I’ll try posting starting tomorrow or today. As for nirvalius, I’m still going on at it. But since school is starting, I don’t know if I’ll have much time to do. But I’ll try. Now I have photoshop since it came in free when I’m a student at the polytechnic, I should be editing it faster.

So, I’ll post tomorrow! Wish me all the luck in polytechnic as an animation student! 😀