Taking A Break from Daily Blogging


Hey guys,

I’m letting y’all know that I’ll be taking a break from xElfStorm Daily category. I have to type a post every single day and I take away ten minutes of my studying time.

So, I’ll still be posting on xElfStorm Daily. But, it won’t be daily. I’ll just post whenever I have time.Sorry!

I’ll return to daily blogging at 29 October or 13 November when I’ll be finishing my National Exams.

Wish Me Luck!


Quick Announcements!


Ok, I have nothing to post today, because I studied the whole day. So, just some quick announcements:

* Created a Tumblr Blog: http://xelfstorm.tumblr.com . It’s just a personal space. Nothing important. WordPress is still my main blog!

*Wattpad story: http://www.wattpad.com/story/6877526-the-evabond-chronicles-apocalypse is currently on halt because I have no time. It will resume soon.

* Side Project:http://Nirvalius.WordPress.com . The back story is almost done! Will publish soon! I’m excited to share my imaginations!

* Twitter: @xElfStorm . Almost 200 followers!

Thanks! Have an amazing day!