My Bullying Story


This post is split into three parts: ‘Me being Bullied’, ‘Me, A Bully’ and ‘It gets better’.

I hope you find this post useful.

Me Being Bullied

I was seven years old and I got into a neighborhood primary school. Everything went well. Almost everyone was my friend, school was fun, did well in school.

First time of getting bullied started even then. They were just these few boys that will insult and make fun of my group of friends in the school bus. They even made one of them cry. I wasn’t long before another friend of mime told my form teacher about it. They got a good scolding. It was rather fun to watch.

I got good grades. I didn’t just do well, I nearly got full marks for all three subjects. It was easy to me, it’s primary one work. Because I did so well, my dad got me a place in a famous prestigious school. I remember crying when my mum told me about it. I’ll miss all the amazing friends I’ve made. (I only remember like five of them now. Lol. And one of the schoolmates there is now my classmate.) Who knew that that school will be hell for me.

So, in the first year of my new school (Primary Two), everything is still fine. My results started to drop a little as the work is very difficult. There are just a couple of girls that are relatively mean. I was nice, they were not. I even helped one of them once. Please, they were still horrible to me. Always making things difficult for me. I don’t blame them, it’s the age where girls think boys are gross and boys think girls are too whiny.

Primary Three to Primary Four was start of hell. This was when, I should say, badly bullied. They called me names, insulted me, treat me like a slave, pushed, hit me on my head…. The list was endless. One thing I was called a lot, was ‘gay’. (I’m straight) I didn’t know why. At that time, I didn’t take it to heart because I really think that those bullies were stupid. My parents did not know anything about this, until one day my form teacher at that time called my mum and told her about it. I did not know that any teachers are aware of this. But fine, my mum talked to me about this. I told her that it really doesn’t affect me.

Let me also explain the irony of calling me ‘gay’. Number one, it’s not an insult. They probably think so because something about gays are illegal in my country (Gay marriage? I think gay sex as well. Not sure because there was a newspaper article about it). Number Two, they always make fun of me saying that I am in love with some girl. Well, I don’t know why would a gay guy be loving a girl sexually?

There was this one time that one of them pushed me to kiss some girl. I fell and I knocked my nose.

Primary Five was not any better. The guys were very mean to me. They would call me ‘gay’ and spread some rumors about me.

There was this one time that a “friend” of mine had a comic book which I borrowed to read. There was a picture of a naked woman clipped between two pages. Guys told my teacher saying that I was the one looking at porn.(The Irony) I had a hard time explaining to the teacher.

Since the guys were mean to me, I made friends with girls. Like I had a choice.

I was really happy when primary school ended. No need to take insults from those *******.

I can’t say my whole primary school life was a misery. I made a few friends: Willie, Timothy, Samuel, Gwyneth, JingKai, Gregory, WeiYe and one or two more. I lost contact with ALL of them except for Timothy after graduation.

Me, A Bully

Yes, I was a bully, ONCE. This was honestly a one time thing and never had the intention of doing it again. What I did was very minor. But since my teacher consider it as bullying, alright then.

There was this guy. I didn’t really like him. He cries after like every exam for I reason I don’t know. He didn’t have many friends as he was quite slow and went to a foundation class after Primary Four.

Alright, what happened was that there was this group of people who decided to play ball with his pencil case. They were throwing it around.

I had to be the extra to hide his pencil case under his desk. It was quite minor huh?

When someone told the teacher, she went to talk to the people who threw his pencil case. They decided to push the blame to me.

They actually got in trouble too.

Yes, I was bad, once. And I’m never proud of it. This is why I never take it to heart when I’m being bullied. I swear, never been bad to anyone after this. Never.

It Gets Better

After Primary school, I went to a secondary school. But this time, it’s just a neighborhood school.

To be honest, I plan to be quiet so that I might not be picked on in school.

This plan this not work because I was so excited when my friend got transferred to my school. I kind of had a little freak out( Why?). That’s when my class start to find me weird.

This guy hasn’t been a very good friend. He tried to ruin my life well. He told almost everyone about my life in primary school so that he hopes that I’ll have a miserable life here as well. I don’t really like him. I should use this line to describe him: “He tires to be cool, but he looks like a fool to me.”

He got his retribution. He does bot have many friends(probably two to three). He always sit with me during recess. I try not to talk to him as I don’t want to piss myself off.

I’m sixteen now and I’m in my final year of secondary school. Overall, my life is pretty good for the past three(almost four years). I was the kind of person who is friends with everyone. I made many close friendships with both guys and girls. And, I just love them so much that I still want to talk to everyone of them forever.

There is actually still some light teasing. But the thing is, they know the limits. They never ever go too far. Usually what they do after teasing me is that they would give me a light hug and say, “I’m sorry, just joking.”

The point of this post: It gets better. Trust me.