Review: BABYMETAL live solo concert in Singapore


I attended the concert on the 28th December 2013. It was my very first concert and was very glad that my favourite Japanese Girl Group was coming to Singapore.

I got the tickets when they were sold at AFA2013.  I didn’t attend that event. I had a very good friend who conveniently bought the ticket while he was there. I am grateful.

Anyways, the tickets I got was the GA (General Admission) which cost S$88. According to my friends, it is considered cheap. Well, it’s my first concert. So, it was considered expensive to me. I used my salary from my vacation job to pay for it.

When the actual day arrived, I was quite excited. Not just because of the concert, but also getting my new phone! (Another story for another post). The concert starts at 5.30pm; I reached there at 4.20pm. When I reached the venue, I could see many people wearing the BABYMETAL concert T-shirts while I decided to wear a plain white tee.

The queue for GA was outside SCAPE. There were just a few people in front of me. So, I should be the closest to BABYMETAL of the GA crowd.

At around 5.10, the doors open for.the GAs and by then, the queue was incredibly long. I just rushed in when they opened.

At 5.30, the concert started. It was interesting. The concert had some sort of storyline and it was really nice of them to personalise the concert for our country. They had short animated clips at the start and in between songs to tell the story. I can’t remember the exact words of the story or the order of the songs. But I roughly can explain the concert.

Clip 1: Heavy Metal was considered evil so the fox god decided to recruit three girls: SU-METAL, YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL.

Clip 2: YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL have been partying too hard, even when the fox god warned them not to. They even ate anti-metal chocolate (whatever it’s called) and they became evil. They started saying ‘yo’ and that’s when began. Forming BLACK BABYMETAL

Clip 3: SU-METAL became the RED METAL KNIGHT to fight evil.

Clip 4 (Encore): They found a metal god in Singapore called the MERLION GOD. Like Kawaii Metal half Idol Pop and half heavy metal, it is half lion half fish.

I have horrible memory, I can’t remember the order right.

Clip 1
② Kimi ga Anime ga mitai 【 Answer for Animation With You 】
③ いいね!! (Ii ne!!)

Clip 2
④ Onedari Daisakusen
⑤ Give me Chocolate 〖 New Song 〗
⑥ Uki Uki Midnight

Clip 3
⑦ Akatsuki
⑧ Catch me if you can
⑨ Headbangerrr!
⑩ Doki Doki Morning★

Clip 4 (Encore)
Encore⑴ メギツネ (MEGITSUNE)
Encore⑵ Ijime,Dame,Zettai

That’s it! Overall it was great. Honestly, their performance were really the same as you would see their love performances on YouTube. It was really nice for them to personalise the concert for their Singaporean fans with the MERLION GOD. No money wasted.


Return & Update


Wow, haven’t blogged in a very long time. I’m now seated in a food court waiting for my workplace to open their doors. What am I talking about? Well, let’s start from the end of my ‘O’ level exams…

I did mention that I won’t even touch blogging the slightest when the exams drew closer. I was really stressed because this might determine my future. So obviously I’d freak out. I struggled with Additional Mathematics (Duh!) and Chemistry exam. I am really afraid.

My exams were split into two parts: The written papers and the multiple-choice papers. There was a one week break between the two.

During that week, the was the annual Anime Festival Asia (AFA). And, it was stated that a fictional band called EGOIST was going to perform. I didn’t know what EGOIST is or what is it about. The rest of the acts didn’t gain my interest. Yes, May’n, LiSA and Aoi Eir are performing, but I only know like average 2 of their songs. So,.it wouldn’t be worth it to pay money to attend the concert until I know more of their music.

When I watched the official trailer for the concert. I was rather impressed. Music from EGOIST was so amazing. The song that wad playing was 名前のない怪物(Namae no Nai Kaibutsu i.e., Nameles Beast). It was so good. Since then, I have been listening to their/her music. Like, The Everlasting Guilty Crown, All Alone With You and elbadaernU(Unreadable). There was also this song called Traumerei by LiSA that was rather good. On my playlist.

When I got so engrossed with EGOIST, I decided that I would want to go to the concert, even though EGOIST will be performing with other acts. I’m OK with that. I asked my mum, and she said no, because concerts are expensive. Her disapproval was a blessing.

That’s because later it was announced that BABYMETAL will be having their first overseas concert in my country. It’s my favourite band anyways (I’m sixteen, it’s not creepy). For some strange reason, my mum agreed to let me go. But I must earn my own money to pay for the concert. Of course I wad happy.

I then asked my friends to help me purchase the concert tickets first since they are first sold at AFA and they are going. Being such good fiends, they did help me purchase the tickets in the first hour. (I got the second ticket ever sold for the general admission >w

After my ‘O’ levels, my mum initially agreed to get me a new phone which was the Sony Xperia Z1 (loyal Sony fan). However after realizing how expensive the phone is, she said I have to buy it myself.(sigh)

So, I went job hunting with my friends after the very last paper. That day was very tiring and stressful. We filled up application forms for a bakery, bookstore, supermarket etc.

Many days later, I got the call from the bookstore. So, the interview was long but very detailed and it was mainly the interviewer talking. I got the job. It was working for the stationary department of the bookstore, not very difficult work. Just arranging stuff and doing customer service. Seriously, customer service is the BEST, should do a whole post on that.

Right now I’m on my 5th day of work. Half-way there to reaching the total price of the Xperia Z1 (Seriously, why is it so expensive). More importantly, I hope my boss pays on time. I really really want that phone.

Anyways, see y’all soon. BYEEE!

*** OMG, finally started drawing for Nirvalius. Should be released on 23 December.

*** Started a vlogging channel:

*** Probably won’t be able to blog next week. I will be overseas and it would be rare to have an internet connection.