My The Sims Freeplay Rant


Ok, so what happened was that FireMonkeys or EA decided to add natural aging and death to the game for players who are level 24 and above.

I am rather mad because I am level 35, playing the game for 2 years. This sims town I am having right now is actually one year old, the longest I ever played. I have perfected each family after a long long time.

Now, the geniuses behind the game decided “hey, let’s add natural aging and death, and make it cost lifestyle points to pause aging temporarily so that we can earn more money.” So, they did that. And they said “many of you guys asked for this”. SINCE WHEN. Really almost every comment in their Facebook page is complaining about this update.

This update changes the whole gameplay. Now SimTown is more like a cattle ranching farm. You kill your Sims to obtain their life orb, and then the life orb can be used to build the beach and the arcade. This is sick. Further more to keep your Sims alive, you have to spend lifestyle points. And with the recent updates, lifestyle points are harder to earn so they are trying to force us to spend real money. I can’t.

So, please EA and FireMonkeys, make death and natural aging optional for free.