My Dad’s a Child


Dad's shoe stacked on mine

See that picture. My dad’s work shoe is stacked on top of my white and blue flip-flops. Well, because my dad is super lazy.

My dad is so lazy that he cannot type in the address bar and has to close and reopen the internet explorer to go to Yahoo!.

My dad also likes to hold grudges with me. Just this one time, I chose to walk the long way to a food shop to buy lunch. Another day, he forced me to take his short cut and scolded me to when I said that there is nothing wrong with the long way.

My dad’s also very very fussy. When I found a table in a crowded hawkers centre, he refuse to sit there and had to find another table because it’s too dirty, too cold, too hot… Bla.

Ok, let’s stop talking about this. Today I had my Chinese ‘O’ level Listening Comprehension exam. Luckily, it was easy. Just one question that killed a lot of my brain cells.

One more thing. I’ve finished Chapter 2 of The Evabond Chronicles, Apocalypse. Yup, finally and successfully uploaded it. You can read it here.



Mad at Wattpad


Today I had a normal and sort of joyful day. Then Wattpad decided to screw it up.

Ok, as usual, had my brunch, then my tuition, then shopping. Normal day.

During the shopping trip, I saw the cutest thing ever as I was queueing up to buy food for my dinner: a mother and her baby. What’s adorable is that the baby’s crying is an on/off kind of thing. Whenever she cries, the mother literally stuffed the pacifier in her mouth. Babies pit anything in their mouths.

As I was queueing behind them, the baby was holding a two-dollar note and put it in her mouth. Then, she wanted to give it to me! How adorable!!!

That’s the only thing that make me smile. Now the part Wattpad messed it up.

As you all know, I’m writing a book series on Wattpad called The Evabond Chronicles, Apocalypse, which you can read it here . I was writing chapter 2 on my phone and finally completed the chapter after a week of mass phone typing. When I reached home to upload it, there’s that refresh button so that it syncs. I pressed it, you have to in order to publish it. Then it gave me three options and I have to press one. 2 out of 3 of the options I don’t fricking understand and the only one option I understood was ‘cancel’. I pressed the first one and it showed me the version when I typed it online. I was shocked, because I wrote many many words more than that which took me a week to write, and now it’s all gone. I can’t do anything about it. So I have to rewrite chapter 2. So, I apologize for the delay.

Tip to Wattpad: Please make the options easier to understand. I killed many brain cells to figure out the meaning of the options.

So now I have to rewrite chapter 2, and would probably take another week to write. The book description was also returned to the initial one which also made me super pissed.

So I’ve decided to use WordPress to type out the story on my phone because it’s really simple to use. The chapter will bot he uploaded here… I’m just going to copy and paste to Wattpad.

* I realized that the angry tag on my blog is quite frequently used.


*** Please read The Evabond Chronicles, Apocalypse




Chapter 1 is also added. Read The Evabond Chronicles: Apocalypse here.

Just did that for the cover of the book. It took me 2 afternoons, but it did not sacrifice any study time. Please support by voting for it qnd get others to read. It will be unnoticed if there are not a lot of views/votes. I promise the main story first chapter will be up soon.

Anyway, I’ve passed that math test. So I don’t need to stay back for extra lessons!

And today what happened in class, was that one of the foul mouth boys argued with the chemistry teacher about a question. She was pissed

Prologue and Girls


Hey guys, I’ve just published the prologue of my book series, The Evabond Chronicles, Apocalypse on Wattpad. I need as much support as I can. Do leave me a comment and don’t forget to vote!!

Read the Prologue here .

Now on with today’s post:

I am close friends with these two girls. Lets just call one of them C and the other D.( Not initials. Just random letters)

Today I had a good chat with them while waiting for a bus. I was telling C about BABYMETAL. Then, a small group of boys that we know passed us, and said hi. I just smiled. Honestly, the boys and I are not close, almost in bad terms, I’m not sure.( Guys are so complicated even if I’m a guy)

She asked why didn’t I say hi to them. I told her I don’t know. She said that I’m a guy, why don’t I know. Males are the most complicated creatures ever. The ones that I’m friends with are easy to understand. I don’t even understand my dad. He does things that even my maternal grandfather doesn’t like.

The bus came and we said goodbye to C. It’s just me and D.

Now, D is very nice, I should have known her for ten years. We just didn’t talk until 6 years later.

We talked about the guys in class. Please, the annoying ones. I like them, I just hate their smelly mouths. Their mouths are stuck forever open. I also mentioned about the loser guys. D said they are like grandmothers. Everyday they have to complain about something. So that’s why their mouths are smelly.

We also talked about her other 2 good girlfriends. I asked if they are lesbian. I don’t know why.


Conclusion: I prefer talking to girls. I like talking to guys because it doesn’t get awkward. But girls, they are more loyal and nice.

Book Writing


Today, I’ve downloaded this app called Wattpad. It’s an app where you can read books from other users and write your own book.

I’ve decided to write my own, mainly to improve my English and pen down my ideas for my own film ( if I managed to get into the course). I know I have an important exam at the end of the year, but I am going to write it during car rides, or toilet time. Hope I can get as much support as I can.

The story is about a family (not really, more like a household) surviving through an apocalyptic world. I haven’t really thought about the full story, we’ll see. I’ve started writing already. Probably publishing the first chapter soon. The series will be published chapter by chapter.

I’ll post a link to the series soon. Haven’t settled admin issues yet.