1 more day


Time flies really fast, doesn’t it? It has been quite a long time since I have ever posted anything on this blog. I took a really long break because, I just decided to draw, and work.

I recently participated to the freshmen orientation camp organised by the school. I have made new friends and rebonded with two old friends. One that has been in the same school with me for my life, and another who is really close friends with me in primary two, lost contact for 8 years.

The official orientation was ok. Really, there wasn’t really time to bond with our classmates. But we had like one day, just during flag day. Flag Day was like my polytechnic’s tradition. Bit they sent us somewhere where there are all the residential areas are, so not much luck with the raising of money.

Lessons officially starts tomorrow. I’m kind of scared but VERY VERY excited. It’s really something new from what I study in secondary school so I hope I don’t die.

As for my blog, I decided to TRY to post weekly. And daily posts would be on Dayre.me/xelfstorm. I’ll try posting starting tomorrow or today. As for nirvalius, I’m still going on at it. But since school is starting, I don’t know if I’ll have much time to do. But I’ll try. Now I have photoshop since it came in free when I’m a student at the polytechnic, I should be editing it faster.

So, I’ll post tomorrow! Wish me all the luck in polytechnic as an animation student! 😀


Die Laughing


Oh my goodness!Finally done with SPA exam and finally today we get to move back to our original positions! So, I just sat with the same three boys: one my good friend and the other two just normal friends.

Today I almost died laughing because they are so funny. No, actually they are not funny. They were too lame and I was laughing at that, really hard. They both scolded each other for being lame and stuff. The laughter hurt my cheeks and stomach.

It started with one super lame joke. And it was very funny because, well, it was horrible. Then everything after that became funny.

Ahh, I love where I sit…

Can’t look at me in the eye


I live a happy life. I was bullied in the far past and am really much better now. Practically, everyone is my friend. Made no enemies I hope.

There is just this one, no TWO, people that I think self-declare me as nemesis which I have no idea about. I don’t remember being mean to anyone. Or at least not mean to them.

It was super sudden. This happened like around the end of March, around there. They both decided to stop talking to me for some reason which I just have no idea about, well, because we are not talking. That was the day I just felt super lonely because they were close friends.

So, something must have happened. I’ve asked their other close friend(s) and they said that those people never talked bad about me or anything. Nobody even noticed.

But for the other guy, I told the people sitting around him, ” Has he been treating me like a friend lately?” But he sort of talks to me?

Then recently, maybe today, I discovered that these we the only two people that cannot look at me in the eye. I do that because I was taught that this is a good way to tell people that ‘I am interested in what you are saying’. When I decided to initiate a conversation with them, they will look away. When they talk to other people, they turn around and look at them.


Coincidentally, they are also males. So moral of the story: I cannot understand guys.

Make it Worse


Yesterday we took this chemistry test which we have to create an experiment to test for concentration of vinegar. There was no invigilation. So obviously everyone had a discussion within their small groups. I admit that I asked my friend a few questions about it. But I guarantee that I did the rest of the work myself after about 5 minutes.

Somehow, our chemistry teacher found out and told our form teacher in the morning. So today, he said that we had to be punished for not showing integrity for the test and ruining his breakfast.

So now it’s time to explain why the title of this post is like that. Those sore loser guys from my previous post made a lot of arguments. Below is the evolution of the punishment due to them:

Original: Up to us to suggest
New: Draw posters to apologize to chemistry teacher
New (1): Apologise to her during her class
New (2): Apologise to her after school
New(3): Queue up to apologise to her after school one-by-one.
New(4): Queue up to apologise to her at 7am one-by-one.

Their mouths are too full of words, and have to vomit them out.

Then there was another thing regarding extra mathematics lesson because the math teacher is afraid that other teachers think that he is lazy. Then with the power of those people.

Original Plan: People who received the holiday homework from him has to attend the lesson.
New (1): Have a test on Monday, whoever fails needs to attend.
New (2): People who gets below 70% for the test has to stay for the lesson.

I mean, I already had to stay for the lesson anyway because I recieved the homework. Then now I have to speed study for a darn test just to avoid the lesson. My math isn’t so good. AMD also there was another guy who asked to raise it to 75%. Luckily, the math teacher was not nonsensical.

There use to be only 2 sore losers. Then 2 more decided to join them because they think it’s so cool to argue with the teacher or something like that. Then the “forever cannot understand the urge to cause problems” boys (sitting behind me) has always been the same number but really annoying.

I have some very close friends who are turning like them. Not really turning to a sore loser, but turning into someone who thinks talking back to a teacher that makes everyone laugh is totally cool, annoy other girls because it makes other boys laugh at them.

I am really feeling very depressed. They are really nice to me, just don’t like their attitude now…:-(

Conclusion, just shut up if you have nothing to say. People won’t think you are mute if you don’t talk. It’s not cool to rebel. And I think I’ll never be gay for love because it’s so difficult to understand other guys. Just simply cannot understand the mindset because most Singaporean guys are like that. Maybe in the future I’m those type who is a dad who has no friends and only cares aboutthe family over everything elseI’m just lucky that the few are not like that, are in my life.



Today is a day that I would describe…. I don’t know what words should I use.

Ok, I’ve finished my work yesterday and handed them up to my teacher. And then, that teacher decided to give us a quiz. Whoever doesn’t get full marks has to stay back in school on Friday to do another set of questions of the same topic.

The quiz was one question. I did not complete it in 5 minutes. I have tuition on Friday. Obviously I was a little pissed. But I think I can complete the other set of questions in q few minutes… I hope.

Then, after that quiz. That teacher told us to rearrange our seating arrangement in 4s, and no rows. He Saud we can choose to sit with anyone we like, as long as the friend is able to help you. I chose to sit with one of my closer friends and 2 other not very close friends.

The whole class is in a mess. I didn’t get to sit with my other good friends. Then, the teacher came by our group and asked,” who is good in math”. We gave no answer.

I think shot is going to happen tomorrow. We have 3 periods of his lesson tomorrow. Dying…

*Sidenote- super pissed with my phone keyboard because it keeps auto correcting words that are already correct.

Returning to school


Ok, I really dread returning to school, because I have to start stressing out for my national exams. And today started very badly.

Firstly, nobody told me about a new timetable. They all told me it wad on Facebook, and I told them I have stopped using facebook for a long time, so , my bad. And the old timetable today required me to wear sports attire. I have a habit for wearing it under my school uniform, so it was got as hell. I also did not bring what I was suppose to bring. When my teachers come in for class, I have to pray that he/she forgets about homework or start wasting time.

It was nice seeing my friends again. I mean, I did not see them for one month. But one thing still hasn’t change, the 3 of my “friends” are still not talking to me for some reason I really don’t know. They don’t want to talk about it, it does not solve anything.

Here I am at night writing this post. I am studying right now, or after typing this post from my phone. So bye!