Rants #1


Rants of the week. In no particular order. It’s the opinions I have about people I saw.

#1: You’re Not Hot.
Ok, I saw this guy about my age on the train. Really one thing that attracted my attention was that he was wearing his school uniform, but it was unbuttoned.

It’s very rare to see this in my country, especially coming from my country. I mean, what the hell. Purpose? It wasn’t hot, freaking air-conditioned.

And he had a silver bling around his neck and expensive headphones. I’ll talk about expensive headphones later. A Bling? Really? I basically tried to break every single national school rules.

#2 It’s Almost Sex In Public
I saw this couple on the bus. They should be around my age if not older than me by one year. It’s actually quite rare people my age are dating in my country because education is too stressful.

The main point is:
Firstly, they were busy making out. It was very intimate.
Secondly, the guy was basically trying to lick her vagina, but she was fully clothed.

Please act appropriately in public. Or get a room.

#3 Girl Gossip
There’s nothing wrong with gossiping. Related to #2, two girls that should be younger than me had many things to say about that couple.

It was very obvious. Hand gestures, pointing at them, looking at them and then whispering. I mean, at least do it secretly.

Do that often, mess with the wrong people, you might get slashed.

#4 Expensive Headphones
There’s nothing wrong with using headphones even if they are expensive because maybe you are very rich or you have a strong passion for music. I use $16 earpieces.

However, I really don’t like it when they use expensive headphones. It’s like throwing in my face :”I’m damn rich and you’re poor”. Because I see a lot of youngsters having put music on, even when with their friends or parents. Talk to them?

One thing: there is this guy in my school, about 13, always have Sony headphones around his neck in the morning, but not plugged in. It’s extremely funny because he even have them on even when playing badminton with his friends. It’s funny when my friends point it out and say that very loudly for him to hear.

#5 Jackets does not make you cooler.

Gosh, this guy in my school, always have a jacket on. My country is very hot. The thing is, I feel that he does not have any male friends because he would always join a group of girls.

Guy thinks he hot.