Mum and dad had a fight today, honestly for very nonsensical reasons.

My mum decided that we, as a family should go to a shopping centre to have brunch.

When we reached there, I left my tuition bag in the car. As we were walking to the lift, my mum told me to grab my bag so that later I could just take a bus to tuition. It’s nearby. My dad for some reason had a strong objection. He wanted to send me there himself. But he listened to my mum and walked me to his car.

Halfway, my dad just told me to turn back and he said nevermind.

When we met mum again, dad Saud that he would send me there. Then suddenly my mum got angry. She said that we can’t come back because there won’t be a parking space. Then my dad was also angry because he said that it was his business if he wants to send me to tuition.

That’s when they started the fight. Dad said he didn’t want to go the the mall in the first place and my mum said that he was the one who didn’t tell her that he wanted to go somewhere else.

This carried on the the rest of the day. It’s now night time and I think it’s much better now.