Physics tuition today starts at 12.45, we left the house at 10.15 to have brunch. The last time, I complained that leaving the house so late at 11am, the food atmy favorite Nasi Lemak store will be sold out. So, my mum made us leave earlier. Nasi Lemak was as delicious as ever.

Afternoon. It was crazy. All of a sudden I’ve decided to send an application for Direct Polytechnic Admission (DPA). I did that because I was afraid that I don’t do well for ‘O’ levels, I can still rely on DPA.

The original courses I chose were Film, 3D Arts & animation and Multimedia & Animation. And I had to write a 600 characters write-up on why I am interested. Then, my mum came over and saw the courses I chose. She exclaimed, “You want me to work forever, and never retire to support you?”

She said that because the industry in my country “cannot male it”. So I might end up unemployed. I changed multimedia to mass communication, at least I still survive being a radio DJ.

I told her, even if o cannot find a job here, I still can move to America to find one. Their film and animation industry is so successful.

So, now I am depressed because I am thinking too much. I don’t know what to feel now. I may regret.